Airzone Mini Band Trampoline

Airzone Mini Band Trampoline

Airzone Mini Band Trampoline
This Airzone Mini Band Trampoline was part of the equipment at a gym program that my pre-school Granddaughters attend. They loved it. Although the facility provide mats all around it, because it sits close to the ground there seemed to be no real danger if a child fell off. The girls did not seem to have this problem although some of the boys gave it a vigorous workout and frequently fell off.
The Binxin Heavy-Duty Mini Folding Rebounder Trampoline is bigger, heavier and more substantial but not as easily used and stored as this smaller Airzone Trampoline. For the Roaming Rascals gym the Airzone was perfect for the children who attended there.
The Airzone Mini Band Trampoline is available in either 38 in or 48 inch sizes.
Airzone Mini Band Trampoline

Benefits of the Airzone Mini Band Trampoline

  • Elastic band technology replaces noisy springs
  • Thick foam padding covers the bands and frame
  • Durable steel frame
  • Steel tubular legs
  • Sits 9 inches off floor
  • Legs come off for storage
  • Lightweight enough to hang on hook for storage

What Other Say About the Airzone Mini Band Trampoline

From the use that my Granddaughters had with the Airzone 38-inch Mini Band Trampoline we highly recommend it. Others who have owned it, not only for children, but also for their own use have this to say:

We read the reviews on several of these trampolines, and honestly, we figured we’d give this one a try, since it was the cheapest, and our budget was limited.
The things we like about it:
It’s small, but can handle the weight of a grown person (over 200 lbs).
It has bands, not springs. So far, no problems with those.
We love the protective edging (the blue shower cap thing), because even though it has bands, not springs, someone’s foot could still get stuck and falls can happen. We have 4 kids. Accidents happen.
The things we didn’t care for:
Putting it together took a firm hand, to say the least.
This may be pilot error, but we had to undo the whole thing in order to put the blue edge cover on. The good thing about that is that it will not be slipping off, because that thing was a doozy to put on!

All in all, we’re happy with our purchase, and I will gladly amend my review, should anything surface after this.
Airzone Mini Band Trampoline
That’s what happens in winter. Get one of these. Put it on carpet. This is the bargain of the year for kids indoor exercise toys. It’s incredible for the price (and FREE SHIPPING). That said, it IS the same industrial quality as other items of its ilk, so just be patient. If there are no threads on one leg, just pop off the end cap – they’ll be there. Some people have found assembly frustrating, but just follow the instructions given by at least two reviewers here. To those, I would add a warning: one of the bolted male ends may go too far into the socket to start the bolt in the threads. Just find a metal washer (they’re either under the sink, in a drawer or in the garage) slightly less than the socket pipe’s inside diameter and use it as a shim before you pop the vertical side down into bolting position. Your kid can help by sitting or lying on the insert side (in case you don’t have 3 arms) while you use an adjustable wrench (not the tin thingie that comes with it) to bolt up. BTY, the plastic oops protector must be fitted before you thread the legs on. And no jumping FROM the back of the couch. TO the couch is ok.

Great trampoline for our 2 year old. We use in in our 2nd floor apartment so she doesn’t bounce all over the floor and disturb the downstairs neighbors. One thing I was concerned about was that it would have too much “bounce.” It doesn’t. She can’t go flying through the air on this thing; in fact, she’s never had an accident with it and we’ve had it 2 months now (that’s a pretty good track record in toddler time). I also like the fact that it just uses the stretchy bands instead of springs. One more thing, I was really scared about putting this thing together, due to the other reviews. My husband and I did it easily. Not sure what all the hubbub was about in that regard.
Airzone Mini Band Trampoline
I bought the Airzone band trampoline because the squeaking of the springs on the cheapie I bought at Christmas was driving my husband crazy in the evenings. Two of the springs had snapped, and I was going to have to replace it anyway. I was not disappointed. It is very quiet. We have stone over concrete floors, and it makes absolutely no noise. At first it was unsettling that it was so quiet.

I hate gyms. When I exercise, I want it to work me out before I get bored. I love kettlebells, and I recently added a hula hoop to my routine.

This trampoline adds cardio, and you can really feel the work out. My legs are considerably more defined and I have much more stamina. I love to do five or ten minutes in the morning to get my heart pumping, and it makes me feel good all day.

This specific trampoline is great because it has elastic bands instead of noisy springs. It is basically silent except for the sound of jumping. There is squeaking sometimes, but that means that you have to tighten the bolts that hold it together (they have a tendency to loosen over time). I was able to put it together by myself, but it would have been nice to have someone there to assist. I did not use the blue elastic cover around the outside, and I think it looks a lot better like that.

I looked at some of those expensive mini-trampolines for toddlers and small kids and thought about buying one. You know, the ones with the bar that comes up, so the child can hold on and balance. I ended up ordering this one for my daughter, when she was about 2.5 years old. She’s now a couple of months past three, and my husband and I agree that this is the most bang-for-your-buck “toy” that we’ve purchased for our daughter. I think it’s actually helped her strengthen gross motor skills, particularly balance. We were worried at first, as she was not as into physical play as other activities, so we were afraid she might fall off & hurt herself. We even piled throw pillows around it at first, but she hasn’t hurt herself yet – she seems to know how high to jump and how to balance herself on it now. She loves this thing and uses it quite frequently. It’s also invaluable for helping burn off all that energy that little ones have. My girl likes to bounce up and down on it while watching her shows sometimes. I’d definitely recommend this mini trampoline – for the price, it’s an excellent buy. One piece of advice – put the blue vinyl (?) edge cover outside for a couple of weeks to air out – it stinks to high heaven, but the smell dissipates after being left outside for a while. I wouldn’t use the trampoline w/o it (i.e. b4 it’s done airing out), as the little one’s legs might get stuck in between the uncovered straps at the edge. It’s inconvenient to air it out first, yes, but I think it’s worth it for getting a mini tramp. that’s half the price of others – one that works just as well, if not better.

Where to Purchase the Airzone Mini Band Trampoline

The Airzone Mini Band Trampoline can be purchased at most places that sell trampolines, at Amazon, Walmart, and Canadian Tire.

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