Fisher Price Rock ‘n Play RECALLED

RECALLED Fisher Price Rock ‘n Play

The Fisher Price Rock ‘n Play has been recalled. April 12th, 2019 Fisher Price announced the recall of approximately 5 million Rock ‘n Play units. This came about after the report of the tragic death of 32 infants.

In 2011 we like many others recommended this cradle. Anyone that we knew who used it loved its features. When our daughter was born way back in 1969 we would have loved to have this for her. Her esophagus did not function properly so if we laid her down the milk came back through her nose and choked her. For her we had some home made inclined boards that sat in her bassinet. No restrains and a huge worry as to whether she was safe. I think that the Fisher Price Rock ‘n Play would have helped. However this was not the case for those who died in it.

“The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission officially issued a recall, saying consumers should immediately stop using them. The American Academy of Pediatrics called the product “deadly,” and reiterated that infants should not sleep on products that are inclined or require restraining a baby.”

Many parents are wondering what they are going to do without this cradle. Some are refusing to send theirs back, however I think if there is any risk the recall should be heeded.
It is possible that the Rock ‘n Play was not being used as per the instructions. Maybe some of the babies were unrestrained; some were rolling over, and some too old to be in it. Regardless the reason it is time for the product to come off the market and for those holding on to their units don’t use them. 

Fisher-Price will pay full refunds to customers who purchased a Rock ‘n Play Sleeper within the last six months. Customers with older sleepers will get a voucher to redeem for a new Fisher-Price product.

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