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Review of Playmobil Pharaohs

Playmobil Pharaohs
These days, parents often complain that their children are not learning enough through the use of the toys that are no longer educational. At the same time, some parents say that their children no longer exercise their imagination when playing. One way to teach children a little bit about history as well as attempt to let them create their own stories is through toys like Playmobil Pharaohs series.

The Pharaohs series starts off with the Pharaoh’s Pyramid, which one of the most popular landmarks of the Egyptians. The Playmobil Pyramid consists of a replica of the landmark that as a sarcophagus, some guardians of the mummy, thieves, as well as a slew of traps and secret entrances. Most of these secret hiding places are triggered by an amulet which opens and unlocks entrances. Plus, the details of the toy and its small objects are sure to pique the interest of the little ones.

J Boyd had this to say:

The Pharaoh’s Temple is much used by the 5 and seven year olds. Pricey but well made and easy to expand a Sphinx is put aside for Christmas.

Other Playmobil Pharaohs add-ons and expansions

The beauty of the Playmobil Pharaohs series is that there are other add-ons or expansions that can extend playtime and allow children to explore their imagination fully. In addition to the said Pyramid, the Playmobil Pharaohs series also includes the Sphinx with Mummy which, as the name implies is a Sphinx with a couple of figures to play with. These are Egyptians with a mummy inside the Sphinx once the amulet is turned. Other detailed objects are also included in the playset. The other add-on or extension is the Pharaoh’s Temple which has hieroglyphics, guardians, and a pharaoh. There are also some hidden chambers that contain some of the pharaoh’s riches.

JBG had this to say

I just love this line of Playmobil’s historical adventure sets. Every year Playmobil has a different historical theme and this year it’s the Egyptians.

The entire Egyptian line includes this Sphinx, a pyramid, a ship, a temple and several smaller sets of camels, houses and Egyptian figures.

What I like about Playmobil:
1) Incredible quality. Playmobil sets are of the highest quality plastic, there are no dangerous chemicals or paints in their sets. The plastic pieces and will pretty much last forever; a friend in Germany sent me a few sets which he had when he was a kid and they’re still in very good shape. So to me these are a long term investment.
2) Because of the high quality of these sets I’d even recommend educators use these in their classroom to teach.
3) Playmobil collecting is a worldwide hobby, some of the discontinued items become collectible and there are many fan sites and forums where you can share news, events and chat.

This particular set is the sphinx. It’s a fairly accurate rendition of the actual Great Sphinx in Eygpt.

Of course, what is a pharaoh if he does not have his riches? Children can do what they will with the pharaoh’s riches with the wonderful Tomb with Treasure extension. This is, of course, a tomb that is filled with treasures. But watch out! The tomb also comes with some possible thieves and guards. It is actually a stone wall that also has a well with a bucket. The treasures are well detailed as well as the rest of the accessories, and camel. Incidentally, there is also a secret chamber and a detachable roof.

If the Tomb of Treasures is not enough, perhaps raiding the Royal Ship of Egypt would reap more riches? Have your child experience pirate plots and then some on the pharaoh’s royal ship that is loaded with goodies and treasures for sure. The play set consists of a boat that also has wheels which can roll when on land. This toy can go with an underwater as well. There are some figures aboard as well as some battle gear.

Playmobil Pharaohs add-on figures

Everything ultimately comes to life when there are characters involved. To solve this problem, children can have as many figures they want to add to their stories.

First off, there is the Egyptian Chariot which the champions or the pharaohs may use either for attacks or just for strolling around the whole kingdom. There are also some Tomb Raiders with Camels with figures that may be out to get the pharaoh’s treasures.

There are also some Egyptian Soldiers to help guard the palace, pyramids, and sphinx. Some citizens would also do with the Egyptian Family and Egyptian Woman that comes complete with very detailed add-ons and accessories. There is also an Archaeologist Add-on for those who are unearthing the history of Egypt, and the Soldiers of the Pharaohs. Of course, the whole scenario would not be complete if there wasn’t any Pharaoh, so a standalone Playmobil Pharaohis available as well.

Either way, the use of the Playmobil playsets is a great way for children to express their imagination wherever they may go. These are great toys for children to enjoy, but it should not be given to children who are 4 years or older.

*Note: Playmobil Pharaoh series playsets are made up of several small pieces. Choking may occur if the toys are played with children under four years of age. It is extremely important that adult supervision is exercised especially during the assembly of the product.

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