Mine to Love Baby Dolls

Mine to Love Baby Dolls

I love these Mine to Love baby dolls. I think they are all adorable. They are a perfect size for an eighteen month old child. They can be hugged, cuddled, dressed, undressed, and surface washed. They have plastic moulded hair so no worry if the hair doesn’t brush well or fall out. The arms and legs are a soft rubbery material. The body is soft cotton. One of the things I like the best are their big eyes that open and shut. Children love the fact that they can suck their thumbs or use the accompanying pacifier. They all come with a cap and a romper. They can sit up like a big girl. They are 12 inches.

Melissa & Doug Mine to Love Gabrielle 12-Inch Poseable Baby Doll

Mine to Love – Gabrielle 12″ Baby Doll

Adorable Gabrielle has dark skin and is being sold as an African American doll.

Great little doll. My3 year old loves her. She has stuck her in the bath, covered her in the sand box, and thrown her around at the playground. This doll is tough!
She puts her to bed and carries her everywhere. Great basic baby doll and great little friend.
Melissa & Doug Mine to Love Gabrielle
My almost 16-month old loved her new “baby!” right out of the box! Pros: great size, no weird smell, removable clothes, eyes that open and close. Cons: hat and pacifier hard to put on/in for my young kiddo, I wish the clothes fastened in the front so it would be easier to dress and undress, no anatomical features (I might stitch in a belly button!).

We host a nanny share with two other one-year olds (boy and girl) and this baby has been a hit with everyone.

Thank you to Melissa & Doug for offering more diverse doll options.

My great niece has had this doll ” Lucy ” for 5 years . This little doll is very durable and washable just as the instructions say . Thank you for continuing to provide good quality products for children .

Melissa & Doug Mine to Love Jenna 12-Inch Soft Body Baby Doll

Mine to Love – Jenna 12″ Baby Doll

Jenna’s beautiful blue eyes capture your heart. Dressed in smocked outfit she is a perfect size for little ones.

We gave this as a 1st birthday gift to our grand daughter . See loves Jenna ! Just the perfect size for her to carry! Soft and the eyes open and shut which interests her! 

Melissa & Doug Mine to LoveI got “Baby Jenna” for my daughter for her 3rd birthday. It was love at first sight! That was over a year ago and out of all the dolls she has now (probably 10) it’s still her favorite doll! It’s the sweetest, softest little doll! My daughter takes her EVERYWHERE and sleeps with her every night. It is smaller than most dolls, but it’s the perfect size for little hands (1 to 6 year-olds). She can suck her thumb (right thumb only) which is perfect because my daughter sucks her thumb. She came with a pacifier, too, that stays put in her mouth after you put it in. She also came with a diaper that my daughter loves to take off and on. Her pretty blue eyes close when she lays down. I love Melissa & Doug toys and this is by far my favorite! My only complaint is that her little hat doesn’t stay on very long-it falls off easily. Also, after a year her outfit has gotten just a little ragged (but not falling apart) and it’s hard to find other clothes that fit her. I also got the “Melissa & Doug Doll Feeding and Changing Accessories – Bib, Bag, Diaper, Wipes, Utensils, Bottles”.
Those items are great for this doll. We also have a stroller and a shopping cart she likes to push her around in. All in all, this is the perfect little doll for a young child! You’ll love it too!

This is such a nice simple doll. My 2 1/2 year old loves her. She wheels her around in the baby stroller. Her eyes shut when the baby is laid down. It’s so much fun watching my daughter play with this doll and pretend to feed her. The quality of the doll is very good, consistent with the Melissa and Doug brand. She’s also a very nice size for a 2 year old to play with. My daughter also has a Baby Alive doll, which is larger and heavier. She seems to have an easier time playing with the Melissa and Doug doll than the larger Baby Alive doll.

I bought this for my daughters first birthday and this doll is too cute! The skin tone is slightly darker but for the previous reviewers comment, who cares if the doll “is Hispanic” ??? My children can have whatever color doll they want! Don’t put limitations on your child!

Melissa & Doug Mine to Love Mariana 12-Inch Baby Doll

Mine to Love – Mariana 12″ Baby Doll

Mariana is a brown-eyed beauty. She is dressed in beautiful rose bud romper and hat.

This is my 20 month old daughters favourite baby. She takes it everywhere and it holds up nicely.

Melissa & Doug Mine to Love MarianaGot this for my granddaughter’s first birthday. She has yet to put it down. Excellent size doll and easy to handle. She loves it. She rocks her, kisses her, and put her to bed.
This is by far our daughter’s favorite doll. It was her first baby doll and is the only one she reliably plays with. It is made well and has held up well for over a year now. She has been dropped, thrown, played with and still looks as good as new, except for the clothes that are starting to look dingy from all the playing. I would definitely recommend this doll to any parents looking for an affordable, quality doll that can stand up to a toddler’s less than gentle handling.

our three year old granddaughter has absolutely LOVED this baby doll. . . she is smaller, has a soft body, her thumb fits in her mouth, hard arms and legs, easy to cuddle and carry
This is my daughter’s first baby doll. She loves the ones in her daycare and I was specifically looking for one with brown eyes, like her. The body has a lovely, soft but substantial feel so that it feels very real and sits up great. The only reason I deducted one star is because the doll is scented, which I do not like. With so many folks (babies and children, especially) with chemical sensitivities and allergies these days, I would love it if great brands like Melissa & Doug would do away with the artificial fragrance in children’s items!

Bought for my 16 month old daughter. She loved it immediately. The hat was lot the first day. It is the perfect size for her to carry around with her even though she is a new walker. Soft body makes it lighter so she can carry it easily.

Where to Purchase the Mine to Love Baby Dolls

Mine to Love Baby Dolls can be purchase from Melissa and Doug.

Mine to Love – Gabrielle 12″ Baby Doll

Mine to Love – Jenna 12″ Baby Doll

Mine to Love – Mariana 12″ Baby Doll

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