Playmobil Police Station

Review of the Playmobil Police Station

Playmobil Police StationLittle girls have lots of fun when they play with their playhouses and toys. But, whoever said that playing with toy figures and toy structures are just for little girls? These days, little boys and girls can allow their imagination to run free with various scenarios that toys can recreate. For children who love fighting crime, they can command their own police squad with the Playmobil Police Station series

Jenna had this to say about this Playmobil series:

Great playmobil item, although tons of small pieces. Gender stereo-types aside, this is like a boy version of a doll house. My 5 year old son plays with it the same way I played with my dollhouse, as a girl — he moves all the people and items around, creates elaborate fantasies about their activities, etc. He keeps the police station and it’s many small items on a shelf (away from his younger brother), and it’s been his favorite toy for many months. You’ll need some patience for setting it up. My son can construct all the playmobil vehicles by himself, but he needed a lot of help with this.

Toys such as the Playmobil Police Station series allow kids to fight crime their own way and promote peace and justice as they see fit. Who said imagination had to follow only the fairies and princesses? With the Playmobil Police Station series, children can imagine real-life scenarios and deal with them as policemen. At the heart of the Police Station series is the Police Headquarters where all the good stuff happens, and where all the bad guys get their just desserts.

The Playmobil Police Headquarters features a lot of cool rooms that include an interrogation room, a reception area, and a cool wall for loads of equipment. There is also a breakout window where the bad guys can escape from as well as a breakout wall and a cell that can be locked. Plus, it makes use of Playmobil’s System X feature where kids can easily change the structure of their play worlds, adding other features and add-ons they acquire.

Thule1 had this to say about the Playmobil Police Station

My grandson wanted this toy very much and its availability is limited due to the high standards of business Playmobile requires from their vendors. He was thrilled with the Christmas gift and his uncle spent an hour assembling it for him.

Expanding the Police Force

Here is the fun part of the whole series. While the Playmobil Police Station series may focus a bit on the headquarters, there are a lot of things that can be done to expand the scenario. Add-ons and extensions are available for children to use, such as the Police Station with Jail Cell. This extension features a jail cell that has cell windows with removable bars where bad guys can pass through or so that they do not escape. Plus a bad guy and some police officers with lots of other accessories. There is also the Extension for Police Station, which allows kids to make more rooms to decorate and populate.

The Playmobil Police Headquarters: Large City House with Prison Cell is another impressive addition to the series. It is actually quite huge with more than one building level, with so many features which actually comes as a large city house that has a helicopter pad, a working elevator, prison cell, and some figures to help populate the building.

Of course the policemen need to have awesome rides. The series gives kids a wide array of rides and vehicles to choose from, such as the traditional Patrol car, a SWAT Police Craft, complete with accessories and figures, a Police Play set with helicopter, boat, 2 jet skis and jeep, all with their own specific details and cool gadgets plus playable figures.

Police Station Figures

The Playmobil Police Station should have figures that make a whole scene work. To make sure that everybody has a grand time, additional figures are available to further enhance the police scene. Available figures include the Police with the radar, that features a figure with his own radar, and there is also the Police with Thief, where there are police who have just captured the thief. Other than that, there are also a slew of Police Officers Addons that just make the whole experience enjoyable for hours on end.

Whatever the scenario the child wishes to portray, he or she can have fun with the Playmobil Police Station series of toys that focus on dealing with bad guys and saving the day.

*NOTE: The Playmobil Police Station series includes a number of small toy parts that may not be suitable for children under 4 years of age. Choking hazard may occur in smaller children. Still, the toy is definitely interesting enough that is sure to occupy children for hours on end.

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