Playmobil Knights

Playmobil Knights
Children need to always let their imagination run wild. While fairies and policemen may be what enters the mind of a child, sometimes it is something along the lines of knights in battle gear, medieval castles and the like which stems from stories like King Arthur and his knights. For those children who do love these types of stories, the Playmobil Knights Empire series is the best toy to allow your child to have several hours of fun.

This was the second Playmobil that my elder grandson received. He very quickly blended it with his Playmobil Pirates set. The knight and the pirates have had many battles. Both my grandsons have enjoyed the catapults and the towers in the two Playmobil playsets. It seems instinctive that little boys love to battle.

The Plamobil Knight’s Empire starts with three main play sets. The Empire Castle plus extensions is the first massive play set which has several features to it. Aside from the toy knights and soldiers, there are numerous surprises such as the trapdoor in the tower, a drawbridge that can be drawn up and down to help protect against enemies attacking, a prisoner’s dungeon. In addition to this, there is a hoist and a catapult for firing fiery rocks at the enemies. Plus there is a bit of moat, too!

The play set has the special Playmobil System X feature that allows children to add to their castle and assembling it the way they want to do so. Expansions are often sold separately such as the Tower Extension for Knight’s Empire set and other extensions.

Jess had this to say about the Playmobil Empire Castle:

This is a wonderful, wonderful toy. It is extremely high quality and unlike many plastic toys is not made in China. For us, building is part of the fun. Just because the box shows one way doesn’t mean the parts can’t be used in a different way. It is easy to combine pieces from other Knight’s Empire sets to make entirely different buildings. We loved spending time designing and building different structures and then using our knights to have battles. You and your child are only limited by your imaginations. Hours of fun.

Other main Playmobil play sets

The other play set that children can enjoy in the Playmobil Knight’s Empire is the Eagle Castle. The castle is a bit smaller compared to the Knight’s Empire castle, but it has the same fun involved. There is also a drawbridge with a breakthrough wall, some knights in Eagle colors, a catapult, and some towers with guards on them. Next is the Rock Castlewhich has separate colors compared to the Eagle Castle. This set also consists of a massive castle with dungeons, it has 3 stories and there are various ladders, gadgets, and other small but finely made details that complete the whole look of the castle.

Extensions and add-ons

To further make the game more interesting, there are other additions to the Knight’s Empire series that is the Knights Adventure Playset and the Knights Take Along Tower. The tower is rather small, but has two figures and is fully functional. It comes with two figures with some small details such as arrows and bows plus cannon, and more. The Knights Take Along Castleis another great addition that can be taken along where the child goes. Although not as massive as the main play sets, this set also comes with smaller catapults, a castle, some figures, a drawbridge, and some small details like shields, weapons, and the like.

To add more interest to the scenarios, bad guys can be portrayed by the barbarians who are a part of the Barbarian Assault Tower. The tower is armed with multiple weaponry and shields with three barbarian knights. This also includes a rolling catapult with ammunition. The figures also have helmets, unique uniforms, as well as movable arms. In addition, there is also a Knight Market Stand, where knights can go ,€œshopping,€ for new weapons like shields, spears, axes, and many more goodies that knights would find interesting.

Playmobil Knight’s Empire series additional figures

Characters always make things more interesting in any scenario. To allow your child to explore more the whole medieval setting, there are figures that are sold separately. Some of these figures include the Knights set which features two knights of different coats, there is also the Knights of Dragon Rock with Dragon Evil Knight, a Dragon Wing Knight with Fire Catapult, and a Knights Action Set. For a more gallant persona, there is the Courageous Knight, a Gallant Knight, 3 Kings Knights, and a Super Starter Knight.

Enemies can be portrayed by the Green Knight with Movable Canon, Green Dragon Knights, Green Dragon Knight Leader, and perhaps maybe a Black Knight with Armor. Other figures include the Knights ruin, Knight Family, Knights Red Dragon, King’s Knight, and the Red Dragon Set. Additional figures include the Knights and Cannon, Dragon Knight on Horseback, Powerful Knight, Dragon Troops, and the Dragon Knight with LED Lance Mid evil knights.

All these figures can be used to put together a medieval showcase like no other. That way, your child will definitely have a wonderful time that can go on for hours without ending. The best thing is that he or she can have the fun together with friends since there are a lot of things that players can do in any of the sets.

*Note: Playmobil toys are made up of several small to big parts that may be a choking hazard for children under 4 years of age. When smaller children are playing with the toys, it is best that assembly and handling of the very small parts are done under adult supervision. Nevertheless, the toy proves to be a very entertaining set that can get your child’s attention for several hours.

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