Playmobil Gladiators

Review of Playmobil Gladiators

Playmobil Gladiators
These days, not a lot of children are familiar with the history of the world or even about other places that once held significance. Sure, movies and television may show children some information, while school definitely educates students. However, these things never really totally peak the curiosity of the children.

One sure way to catch the interest of younger children is to give them a chance to play with toys that have figures relative to history. One example is the Playmobil Gladiators series which features various scenarios of historical Rome, in particular the lives of gladiators.

I gave this to my Grandson for his fifth birthday and he was thrilled with it. He was delighted that he had his very own Playmobil set. He loved the gladiators, their chariot, and their horses. He and his older brother mixed with the Playmobil Knight set. I c an honestly say that the Playmobil Gladiators has given him hours of play.

At the heart of the Playmobil Gladiators series is the Playmobil Arena which consists of a replica of a Roman arena, complete with gate doors big enough for a chariot to pass through, as well as trap doors where the lions are held and a seating area for the audience to watch the fight commence. The play set also has eight figures, a double harness chariot, two lions, and a bunch of other smaller accessories that complete the whole scenario.

Expanding the Playmobil Gladiators world

To give the child a chance to better free his or her imagination, the Playmobil Gladiators series also has expansion play sets to make the experience more fun and interesting. One of the expansion sets is the Warrior’s Ship, which features a boat or battle ship that can actually float on water and roll on a set of wheels. It also comes with a working catapult and oars, plus a battering ram, ready to capsize and enemies.

In addition there is the Roman Battle Tower that can roll forward on wheels, has a moving battering ram, plus a few warriors in their battle gear that can fit aboard the battle tower. For battle plans, there is the Commander’s tent where the commander can tell his troops how to proceed. The set comes with Roman soldiers, a working catapult, and a horse, plus other detailed accessories. A Chariot Roman is also available which features a decorated chariot that has gold decorations and is pulled by a white horse. It also has removable spoke destroyers, a knight in warrior’s garb, and many other details.

To top it off, there is a working Firing Catapult that includes two Roman figures with three fire balls to launch, plus there’s a trough, shield, swords, and a whole lot of fun.

Mark had this to say about the Playmobil Gladiator set:

It’s gorgeously crafted with cute little Roman god statues actually holding horns and scrolls. There are little torches and chains which hang on the outside of the main gate (you can’t see them in the photo here). And the imperial box with its flaming torches is a great dramatic space for play or diorama building.

Playmobil Gladiator Add-on Figures

The whole experience would not be complete if there are no players or figures to make any scenario work. To deal with this problem, the Playmobil Gladiator series has a number of add-ons that include figures which have special significance and roles in the historical setting.

At the top of the list is the Ceasar Roman Figure which features the known Roman that has a scroll, torch, and a table topped with delicious food. The figure may be interesting for the child especially when he or she learns that such a person actually did exist. Other figures include a Gladiator in a fighter’s attire, Roman Gladiators, a Gladiator with Lion that features an additional lion, and a Special Roman Soldier – a figure garbed in a special soldier’s attire.

The other Playmobil Gladiator series add-ons include Romans and Tigers, Roman Warrior Gladiator Blister Pack, Warrior with Horse, Roman Carriage, Roman Family, Roman Leader, Roman Soldier and Centurion, 3 Roman Soldiers, as well as 3 Legionnaires.

Children will definitely enjoy all of the perks of having the complete Playmobil Gladiators series. The best way to expand and fully enjoy is to make sure all expansions are complete so that a reenactment of historical Rome is enjoyed.

*NOTE: The Playmobil Gladiators series is a series of play sets that have a number of small parts and accessories. Due to choking hazard, the Playmobil toys are ideal for children aged 4 and above, since smaller children may choke on the parts of the toy. Still, the game has been awarded with the 2007 Openheim Gold Award for its ingenuity and design.

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