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Review of Playmobil Airport

Playmobil Airport
When people think of the toys that little boys would like, the usual answer would be police cars, horses, dogs, and other commonly known as ,€œboys toys.,€ For the little girls, these are usually dolls, playhouses with princesses, fairies, ballerinas, tiaras, and other girly stuff. However, recently children have been showing an interest in more themes to play with, including the makings of an airport.

Have your child manage and create his or her own airport scenario with the Playmobil Airport series that comes with a number of detailed play sets that can allow children to recreate their airport experience or even imagine their own. At the heart of the Playmobil Airport series is the Playmobil Airport Terminal, where almost everything and anything that can happen in an airport is located.

The Airport Terminal or Air Terminal is packed with lots of interesting bits and pieces that make up a realistic airport terminal. Aside from the high level of detail in the airport terminal, the passengers are easy to spot due to their ,€œtouristy,€ appearance. Aside from that there is an observation deck with a telescope, a working luggage carousel, authentic-looking waiting chairs, and many more features.

Owners of this Airport Terminal have this to say:

E. Huinda
We bought the airline terminal, airport tower, and both jets for our twin 4-year-old boys’ birthday. They LOVE the set. The airline terminal is beautiful and very realistic, from it’s turning luggage conveyor belt, to the security screening area, pay telephone, computer screens, and security lights.

Expanding the Playmobil Airport

While the Playmobil Air Terminal may be fun by itself, even parents can imagine how much fun it would be to expand and reach beyond the usual airport terminal scenario. Yes, kids can allow their imagination to run free with these additional play sets for the Air Terminal.

First off, what is an Airport Terminal if there is no airplane? The Playmobil Jet Plane allows passengers to cruise through the sky safely aboard a jet that can host passengers as well as cargo. The seats in the jet can be dismantled so that there is bigger space for cargo, plus there are also lavatory facilities, doors that allow passengers to pass through, actual passenger figures and a pilot, and the roof is removable so that kids can look inside. For more private air travel, the Playmobil Jet Airliner Airplane has space inside for a small party of passengers, and the playset includes a captain and passenger figure, while the jet itself has a removable roof and collapsible stairway.

When planes are ready to take off, they are given the go ahead with the Playmobil Airport Tower that features a Airport Traffic Control tower, complete with blinking lights. It features a control desk, controller (figure), desk chair, and flashing lights. On the other hand, for passengers who just arrived, they can leave the airport aboard the Playmobil Shuttle Bus that features a bus that can hold ten people and lots of room for baggage when travelling to and from their destinations.

Other expansion sets include the Cargo Zone with Forklift, which features a working forklift, posable figures, and other detailed objects. The Boarding Gate with Tower has a movable elevator and baggage carousel, figures, and can be fully integrated into the Airport Terminal. Lastly, the Conveyor Belt provides an interesting add-on to complete the makings of a working airport terminal.

Playmobil Airport Add-on Figures

To be able to make a scenario work fully, Playmobil Airport series offers a number of add-on figures that make the whole airport scene more interesting. First off, there is the Playmobil Horse Cargo that features an airport employee figure, a horse, a trough, and more. The Airport Vehicle has the distinctive yellow color with a figure holding up two brake signals for directing planes.

There is also the Cargo Crew set which features figures that are transporting cargo, complete with trolleys and containers. A Tanker Truck is also available, which can hold the gas to fill up the airplane, as well as a Passenger with Dog play set which features a passenger figure, medical kit, food bowls, crate, bone, and of course the dog. Lastly, the Pallet Jack with Crate is useful for lifting large bulks of cargo that go into the airplane.

When all of that is complete, the kids can now envision how a fully functional airport works, right from the part the passengers purchase tickets up to their boarding time. Not only that, but even the cargo loading and unloading portion of the airport system can be enjoyed in detail with all the expansions and add-ons that the Playmobil Airport series offers.

*NOTE: Due to the complexity of the toy and the number of bits and pieces that are involved in recreating a scenario, the Playmobil Airport series is suitable for children aged 4 and above. Choking occurs if smaller children were allowed to play with the smaller pieces, so guidance is a must. Nevertheless, the toy proves to be an excellent way to support the development and education of any child.

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