Bakubowl – Season 2 New Vestroia

Let the Games and fun begin and get ready for the Bakubowl – Season 2 New Vestroia. While adults have their Super Bowl, kids now have their Bakubowl. This is the toy children want to participate in, as it puts them right in the middle of non-stop action and endless fun.

The Bakubowl – Season 2 New Vestroia allows you to take advantage of one of the four Bakuramps as a means to sneaking up and attacking your foes. You can also use the Bakuramps to store your Gate Cards, and then when the time to battle begins, you can bring them to the front lines to fight your opponents. The Bakubowl will forever change the way you fight in the Bakugan world.

The Bakubowl comes with four ramps that you can use to fly off as you attempt a sneaky attack on your opponent. Be warned though; only a selected few have been known to master these sneak attacks while using the Bakuramps.

Four ramps also means four times the opportunities for battle and strategic maneuvers you can try while fighting it out with other Bakugans in your area.

The Bakubowl – Season 2 New Vestroia is also made with strong, durable nylon that can be folded and placed in a convenient Bakugan carry-bag to take it with you wherever the battle needs to be fought! That means you can conveniently bring the battle to your friends and rivals.

Invite up to three other buddies to join you in battle to make the fun even greater. Each bumper conveniently holds up to six of your favorite Bakugan Warriors and cards as well. All lined up neatly and ready to fight for the war that lies on ahead. Let the Bakubowl begin!

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