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Review of Playmobil Fairies

Playmobil Fairies Castle
The greatest thing about children is that their imagination is so vivid that they can almost always picture out exactly what they want a certain scenario would look and feel like. For little boys it may be cowboys and Indians, or perhaps policemen trying to save the world. For little girls, sometimes they imagine themselves to be princesses, damsels in distress, or even being a fairy. In order to facilitate this facet of creativity, children should have the appropriate toys that would enable them to enjoy playtime as much as possible.

Toys such as the Playmobil Fairies series are ideal for little girls who have a special interest in fairies, and who have a great imagination to boot. The focal point of the Playmobil Fairies series is the Fairy Tale Castle where all fairy magic begins.

The Fairy Tale Castle is definitely made for royalty, and it comes with elegant winding staircases as well as balconies that are a part of what a castle should be. The set comes with a Queen, King, and a Knight to allow the child to play immediately. Plus, like the Playmobil Houses, the castle comes with the ,€œSystem X,€ feature that allows children to expand and redesign the castle to their hearts content.

*NOTE: The Playmobil Fairies series comes with a number of small parts that may be a choking hazard for smaller children. The toys are suitable for children ages 4 and up, but it is still a sturdy and delightful toy that can unlock a child’s full imagination.

Expanding the Fairy Tale Castle

The Playmobil Fairies series does not stop with the Fairy Tale Castle alone. Children can explore their imagination more by expanding the castle and integrating other toys in the Fairies series. The Fairy Tale Pavilion is one of these additions, as well as a number of other great extensions. First, there is the Fairy Tale Unicorn Fairy Palace which is where the Fairy Queen and Princess Lily live together with their three unicorns. The set includes a throne, harp, flowers with stands, and other accessories.

Playmobil SuperSet Dream GardenThere is also the Playmobil Super Set Dream Garden which can be an elegant addition to the castle as it comes with a working fountain, fairies, a unicorn, swans, peacock, trees, and flowers. Travelling for princesses would also be possible with the Fairy Tale Princess with Horse Carriage, which includes a horse-drawn carriage, two figures, and a nice backdrop. For fairy land travel, the Carriage with Unicorn Fairy rides on a carriage drawn by a unicorn that is decorated with flowers with fairies aboard.

The Fairy Tale Unicorn Playset allows children to put up an oasis for unicorns to stay in. It has a waterfall that can be filled with water, two unicorns, as well as two figures. Other extensions include the Fairy Tale Castle Room Set that has a lot of goodies including 1 castle room that has a secret attic storage, 7 animals, 5 figures including King, Queen, Wizard, Fairy, and Princess, and a treasure chest. Of course there are also some furniture with plates, glasses, wand, broomstick, and more.

Fairy Tale Figures

Playmobil Fairy Garden
Having all these enchanting rooms and additions would not be complete without the presence of additional Playmobil Fairies figures. First there is the Tree Stump with Fairy which features a fairy inside peeking out. The Playmobil Fairies with Fawn and the Flower Wheel Barrel Fairy can be added to the Fairy Tale Garden with its adorable fairy pushing a wheel barrel. If the Fairy Tale Carriage is full, fairies can also ride in style with the Rickshaw, which is beautifully adorned with a flower umbrella, and a rickshaw that has a leaf seat and flower wheels. Either that, or for a water setting, the Playmobil Water Lily Fairy can step in and add some fun with its fresh water theme.

The Playmobil Fairy with Unicorn would be a great addition to the Fairy Tale Unicorn Play set where all the other unicorns are gathered. For a trip to a different fairy land, the Playmobil Fairy Tale Set Lost Boy N Girl is a great addition to the Fairy Tale series as it adds a bit of a twist to any story. The set features a witch’s house with five figures, different story settings, and a multitude of accessories. Plus, it comes with a Hansel & Gretel Fairy Tale Book as a great added touch.

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