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Having five Grandchildren I have a first row seat in observing the toys that they receive and the ones that they truly love. Playmobil toys have been at the top of the list. Hans Beck, the wonderful inventor of the Playmobil figures wanted a toy that was simple but also had some flexible parts. Over 25 years ago he started with the 23/4 inch figures struck with the happy countenance of children’s bright eyes and lovely smiles. Over the years these figures have developed, so that now the people have heads that swivel, legs that bend, arms that move and hands that grasp. The animals have heads that move up and down.

Watching my Grandchildren enter into a world of make believe with these versatile characters it seems Hans Beck’s vision has been successful. Playmobil has taken many awards; the Oppenheim Best Toy award, the Family Fun Toy of the Year award, the Dr. Toy 10 Best Toys winner, the Parent’s choice Gold award, the Toy Wishes all-Star award, Nick Jr. Magazine’s Best Toys award, Scholastic Parent and Child award and IParenting Media award. At the 2009 Toy of the Year American International toy Fair awards, Playmobil achieved number one for Girl Toy of the Year: Playmobil Horse Farm.

From the time the toys were first exhibited at the 1974 International Toy Fair in Nuremberg, Playmobil has remained popular with children worldwide. From these rather humble beginnings of small figures for small hands the toys have gathered so much demand that Geobra Brandsstatter, the manufacturer of Playmobil has become the largest toy manufacturer in Germany. The company presently employs about 2,500 people. It distributes the toys in 60 countries and ninety percent of the production takes places in company factories located in Europe. 340 injection plastic molding machines make it one of the largest facilities of this type in Europe. 80 million parts are produced every month.
With a state of the art packing system an average of 110,000 ready packaged toys are sent to the warehouse every day. The success of these toys continues today as a new generation of children discovers and loves Playmobil.
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