Melissa and Doug Turtle Ball Pit

Turtle Ball Pit

Review of Turtle Ball Pit

The Turtle Ball Pit is a very cute unusual toy for a baby nine months and up. The child should be able to sit up. The soft multi fabric turtle is full of squeezable brightly colored balls. The 60 plastic balls come in two sizes.
It is big (39″ x 29″ x 8.5″) enough for the child to sit inside the turtle amongst the balls. The zipper and Velcro tabs allow it to be closed to store the balls.
Turtle Ball PitWhen the Turtle Ball Pit is closed there are holes on the outside and the balls can be pushed in and out of them. One of the tabs is a mirror and babies love to see themselves. The turtle’s feet are crinkly that combine with a squeaking button, textured ring, silky fabric tags, and an attached soft ball rattle to give children tactile experiences . Because the balls are soft the Turtle Ball Pit makes a delightful pillow. The bottom has a nonslip texture.

What Are Others Saying About the Turtle Ball Pit?

Here are some of the comments from parents and grandparents who own the Turtle Ball Pit:

,€œlove it I love that it doesn’t require to be blown up,€
,€œI would buy this item again My grandson loves sitting in the turtle surrounded with balls.,€

,€œMy granddaughter loves it! This was a Christmas gift for my granddaughter, she loved it, the cute turtle and the brightly colored balls.,€

,€œI would recommend this product Awesome product,€

,€œMy son loves this! I honestly wish I had purchased this months ago when he was younger. There are so many noise makes and things to play with it’s definitely not just a ball pit! I like that it’s soft and zips up because that makes it great for cleaning up and storing. It comes with a ton of balls so I’ve only put 1 pack in so far.,€
,€œMy stepsister love it and her kids like it very much.,€
,€œWe got this for our grandson and he almost lives in it. It a wonderful toy,€

Turtle Ball Pit

Where to Purchase the Turtle Ball Pit

The Turtle Ball Pit can be purchased directly from Melissa and doug. It is best for babies nine months and older.

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