Barbie Pop Up-Camper

Barbie Pop Up-Camper

Barbie Pop Up-Camper
Every little girl loves the Barbie,® Pop-Up Camper. As the camper rolls along the road it is a sleek pink luxury vehicle. Arriving at the selected campground a twist of a handle turns a traditional camper into a three story glamorous RV.

Converting Camper to Glamorous RV

Barbie Pop Up-CamperThe Barbie,® Pop-Up Camper quickly turns into a glamorous campsite home.
In the front seat are two chairs complete with seat belts. These chairs when removed can be used at the campsite. The area where the chairs were becomes a bathroom. The steering wheel becomes a sink and a toilet replaces the area where the chairs sat. To add to the complete transformation slots in the door and cab hold bathroom supplies like a towel, toothpaste and toothbrush in place.
Barbie Pop Up-CamperAt the back of the camper a kitchen is hidden. Under the spare tire is a fire pit. Sticks with marshmallows fit to the Barbie dolls’ hands. The kitchen includes a fridge, sink, oven and stove. Both utensils and items of food add a touch of reality. Our glam cooks can create interesting meals in this kitchen.
From underneath the camper a swimming pool can be pulled out and connected to a slide that folds down from the roof.
Beyond the kitchen into the body of the camper there is a bedroom. The bed has a soft blanket and to increase sleeping places there is a hammock.
Moving up to the second story our campers find a living room complete with chandelier, sofa, and TV.
The dining room is at the very top on the third level. The two chairs from the front of the cab fit beautifully to a table. From this level the diners have a complete view of the whole campsite. There are place settings where the food can be placed.

What Is In The Box Of The Barbie Pop Up-Camper

  • Barbie Pop Up-CamperCamper
    Swimming Pool
    Two Chairs (with removable seat belts)
    Tire Cover
    Fire Pit
    Roasting Sticks with Marshmallows
    Popcorn in Bowl
    Juice bottle
    Egg Carton
    Milk Carton
    Frying Pan
    Soap Bottle
    Two Bed Pillows

What Others Say About The Barbie Pop Up-Camper

Barbie Pop Up-CamperThe Barbie,® Pop-Up Camper has many reviews on the Internet. There are varying remarks on use and quality. What is not clear is the age of the child playing with the camper. Here are some of the comments of people pleased with this product:

,€œWell, I should post five starts on behalf of my granddaughter. It is large, it has lots of options, extra little pieces, couldn’t miss it in the dark, the pink is so, so pink. She loves it and it seems sturdy and playable.,€
,€œMy little one is extremely happy, she never expected that it will be enough big to play like this. 10/10 packaging and quality. Product is bit expensive but worth it.,€
,€œIf you want to see your daughters eyes light up for a present this year this is one of the ones to get. The thing is pretty over the top in terms of features, accessories, and hidden surprises. For the price I’d say its worth it, you’re paying the Barbie premium for it, but compared to the knock off versions this one has a lot more functionality, and will keep your kids entertained for hours.,€
Barbie Pop Up-Camper,€œThe Barbie Camper is great! It has a lot of areas and variety to play with. The camper expands to 3 levels and has a bunch of relevant accessories. I was excited about the pull out pool and slide. It also has a kitchen, bathroom, living room, bedroom and dining area. There is plenty of room to store all the accessories that come with it and it folds up completely to be neatly put away. There is a little bit of setup that needs to be done before play (like putting on stickers). I would say that took about 30 minutes so not too bad. The only downside I see is that the extra “tire” that doubles as the campfire doesn’t stay on the back and falls off often. Other than that, the quality is pretty good. This is a great toy that is fun to play with!,€
,€œMy daughters loves this camper (age 8 and 5), it has so many great hidden gems in it, the front seats come out, the pool is their favorite part,which is detacable, the bed inside the camper is great and fits most barbies sizes. They wheel it around the house and plays with it for hours. The colors of it are very vibrant and it it very well made.,€

Where To Purchase the Barbie Pop Up-Camper

The Barbie,® Pop-Up Camper can be purchased directly from Mattel.


Barbie Dolls are sold separately.

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