LEGO Easter Egg Hunt Set

LEGO Easter Egg Hunt

LEGO,® Easter Egg Hunt
The LEGO Easter Egg Hunt is a perfect Easter gift for preschoolers. It will appeal to both boys and girls but because it is so cute it can serve as a way to get girls playing with Legos.
The LEGO Easter Egg Hunt consists of 145 pieces. There are two figures – a child and an adult. The hen house has an opening door that has an egg hiding behind it. Plus there is a rooster on the top. The flower garden is complete with two lamps and a mailbox. There are colored flowers to plant in it. The vegetable garden has a secret compartment. It is a great place to hide an egg. The garden is perfect to plant a carrot. Other accessories are a wheelbarrow, magnifying glass, 3 eggs and a basket.

What Is In The Box of The LEGO Easter Egg Hunt

LEGO,® Easter Egg Hunt

  • 1 Adult Figure
    1 Child Figure
    1 Henhouse
    1 Door that Opens
    1 Rooster
    1 Flower Garden
    2 Lamps
    1 Mailbox
    1 Vegetable Garden with secret compartment
    1 Wheelbarrow
    1 Magnifying Glass
    2 Eggs
    1 basket
    Buildable Accessories and Elements


Flower garden, vegetable garden, and hen house must be constructed from accessories and elements.

Add-Ons For The LEGO Easter Egg Hunt

LEGO Easter ChickThe LEGO Easter Chick is a startling funny looking buildable chick. Once you have constructed this chick, you can turn its head, body, toes, or wings. This gives the chick a number of different poses.
LEGO Easter BunnyThe LEGO Easter Bunny has the biggest teeth to chomp on the carrot. The bunny also has moving arms and legs plus flapping ears. The bunny and the chick are great additions to the LEGO Easter Egg Hunt set.


LEGO has retired both the bunny and the chick but they can still be found in many retail places.

Where to Purchase the LEGO Easter Egg Hunt

As one of the reviewers said ,€œBuying this item from the Lego website is much cheaper even with shipping/handling fees,€. The LEGO Easter Egg Hunt is available at the LEGO Store.

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