Peek-a-Block IncrediBlockPeek-a-Blocks IncrediBlock

Fisher Price Peek-a-Blocks IncrediBlockPeek-a-Blocks IncrediBlock

The Peek-a-Blocks IncrediBlockPeek-a-Blocks IncrediBlock is a great toy for babies nine months to about 30 months. It is perfect for toddlers who are just learning to pull themselves up. It measures about 16 inches by 15 inches square. It has five sides of activities to keep children amused. It comes with 8 IncrediBlockPeek blocks that have a unique description and sounds when place on the topside.

Topside of the IncrediBlock

IncrediBlockPeek-a-BlocksThe top of the IncrediBlock has a center that lights up when a block is put on top of it and pressed down. A triangular button on one corner can also activate this center. There is a flat carousal like area where blocks or other objects can be placed and they will spin around. One side has three brightly colored knobs that baby can spin. The side directly opposite has several little activities that baby can try.

The Other Sides of the IncrediBlock

IncrediBlockPeek-a-Blocks One of the sides is more of a storage side than an activity side. However small children are very amused by poking the blocks or other small toys in the holes then opening the door at the bottom to find them.
IncrediBlockPeek-a-Blocks On the side where the blocks drop and stack music plays as they are dropped. A lever on the side will release all the blocks to the floor. This action is similar to the action of the Fisher-Price Peek-a-Blocks Tumblin’ Sounds Giraffe. We had one of these giraffes and it provided endless entertainment for 5 grandchildren.
IncrediBlockPeek-a-Blocks A third side has a series on knobs. At first glance you might think you would pull and push the knobs but no you drop the blocks and they tumble down. It is interesting how intriguing this is to a small child. Our Science Center has a much larger version of this activity and it attracts children from many different age groups.
The fourth side has a bright giraffe and a mirror. Mirrors are always a mystery to babies. There two areas to store blocks.


We have always had lots of Peek-a-Blocks in our toy box. For the Fisher Price Peek-a-Blocks IncrediBlockPeek-a-Blocks IncrediBlock, only the eight blocks included will produce sounds and descriptions. However the other Peek-a-Blocks can be played with this toy. The fact that you can see into these blocks and that many of them have activities is a great source of entertainment.

What Others Say About Fisher Price Peek-a-Blocks IncrediBlockPeek-a-Blocks IncrediBlock

IncrediBlockPeek-a-Blocks,„¢ IncrediBlock

This product is the best gift ever. It has all the children, ages 1 to 6 fascinated with it. We all love it and could not be happier with the quality and the way it holds the children’s interest. I have a nephew on the way and plan on buying one for him, too!
I have this and TONS of the blocks! I have a daycare and this is probably one of the most popular toys, hands down! It’s great for all ages too! You can have older kids do different things with it, or find the gem tone blocks that interact with this. It has a useful area you can store blocks in as well. The only complaint I have is the switch being on the bottom. Sometimes I forget which side it’s on and spill the blocks all over. But that’s nothing compared to the benefits of the toy!
My 2 year-old picked this toy out at the store and he loves it! He is having so much fun with it. When he pulls the lever on the side and the blocks fall out it gives him the giggles! Great toy, we are very happy, we love it!
I bought this for 6 month old with the hope that it would grow with her. She LOVES this toy and I love the peek a block line. The toy is entertaining and gives Her a lot to play with. Our 2 year old niece Also really loves playing with it when she visits. I really like that there is a lot of storage for the blocks inside the toy. I fit an entire set of the alphabet blocks and all the blocks that came with it inside. The only thing that I don’t love about it is how loud the blocks are when my daughter plays with two of sides. It involves dropping the blocks down a plinko type wall and the other resembles a shape sorter. You cannot hear the TV while she plays with this toy. Overall, I am very happy with my purchase and would recommend this to friends.

Where to Purchase the Fisher Price Peek-a-Blocks IncrediBlockPeek-a-Blocks IncrediBlock

The Fisher Price Peek-a-Blocks IncrediBlockPeek-a-Blocks IncrediBlock can be purchased directly from Fisher Price.
Free shipping on orders $50+ at the official Fisher-Price website! No code required.


It needs 3 C batteries not included.

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