Spiderman Toddler Boys Bike

Spider-Man Bike (12-Inch Wheels)
If there is a pre-school age child in your life who is just head over heels crazy for Spider-Man, then the Cycle Force Group Spider-Man 12 inch kids bike would make a tremendous gift. Cycle Force has been in business since the 1990s and while they do not have a long history, the are very quickly gaining a reputation as a quality bike manufacturer.

The Spider-Man 12 inch bike is designed for boys ages two to five. For older children this bicycle also comes in a 16 inch model, which will cost about the same amount which is in the $75 range. This definitely is a bargain price for such as solid and reliable bike. It features not only a sturdy steel frame, but also already comes with training wheels. This is a nice added feature, so that buyers do not need to incur that extra expense and hassle. Of course, you will want to buy a helmet for your young rider separately as well. You may even want to invest in some elbow and knee pads to make for a completely safe ride.

Naturally the number one feature of this bike is the cool Spider-Man logo and design. The Kid Cool Factor is definitely encompassed in this bike! Your kid will feel like the superhero of the neighborhood when rolling down the sidewalk atop this totally amazing bike. While definitely marketed towards boys, there is no reason a little girl would not find this bike thoroughly cool as well. There is a handlebar pad on the front of the bike that showcases a graphic of Spider-Man in all of his web slinging glory. What child would not feel empowered riding such an awesome bike?

The rear coaster brakes make stopping simple and the comfortable bicycle seat is easy to adjust as your child grows. There is also an enclosed chain guard so the little ones are not at risk for harming themselves with an exposed and potentially dangerous chain. Parents and grandparents can rest assured that this is a soundly constructed bike that kids will feel safe and confident riding. It is so well made that there is no reason that the bike can not be passed down to younger generations who love Spider-Man just as well.

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