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UNO Card Games Have Many Versions

Uno® Card Game is a card game invented in 1971 by an American. Since that time there have been many, many versions created. Uno® Card Game is considered America’s number one family card game. It is actually amazing of many varieties of this game are available. There are themed types, sports versions, first UNO games for young children and video UNO games. Uno® Card Game can also be played online. We wonder if the card games are an effort to move some of our children off their electronic devices and back into an interaction activity.
The basic UNO game consists of 108 cards, twenty-five each of four colors, plus four each of “Wild” and “Wild Draw Four” cards. The idea of the play is to discard your cards before your opponents and score points from their remaining cards. The first player to reach 500 points wins the game. Because the Uno cards are similar to a deck of playing cards, it makes the game very portable. It can be carried in a pocket, a purse, a suitcase, or a briefcase.

UNO for Small Children

My First Uno Octonauts Card Game There are several versions design for children who are ages 3 – 6 years. Two of these games are My First Uno Octonauts Card Game and My First Uno SpongeBob Squarepants. These games make it easier for small children to begin to learn card games. The are brightly colored and decorated with favorite figures.

Basic UNO Game

The original UNO game comes in a couple of choices. You can purchase the original one, one with customizable wild cards, one in a tin box, and a Retro version.

UNO Splash

– this is a great version to take to the beach. The cards are plastic. They come with a clip that can attach the cards to a backpack, beach bag or other tenting items.

UNO Disney

– these cards have favorite Disney characters on them. It also includes two customizable cards and Mickey Mouse rule cards. This deck contains 112 cards.

UNO Deluxe

– this version of UNO is stored in a tin box. This makes the cards very portable and safe in this container. Great for camp, beach, and travelling.

UNO Super Mario

– these UNO cards are for all the Mario and friends fans. There is a special Mario Super Star card that has special powers. It also comes with two customizable cards.

UNO the Peanuts Movie

– this version is inspired by the lovable Peanuts gang. It has a special rule and four extra cards.
UNO Attack

UNO Attack

– this is a different take of the popular UNO game. It comes with a dispenser that spits out a random number of cards (between one to six). This feature can change the outcome of the game with the press of the dispenser.
Uno Colors Rule

Uno Colors Rule

– this version combines the regular UNO cards with special characters. The different color cards have special powers and they can be combined with the wild cards to add to your strength. There are cardholders to display each player’s power.

UNO Wilderness

– this theme is perfect for camping or outdoor adventures. If you are planning an outdoor trip consider taking this UNO game with you.
UNO Wild Jackpot

UNO Wild Jackpot

– like UNO Attack this is a different take on the traditional game. It comes with a wild roller where players can put their own special cards. This adds to the interest in the game.


– in this game you may be forced to either draw 2 cards or perform a dare. You might have to talk like a pirate, hold your cards with your feet, or dance like a robot and lots more! There are 3 different categories with 16 Dares on each card: Family, Show-Off and Daredevil.

Where to Purchase UNO

If you are looking for one of these Uno card games you can go directly to Mattel. There are so many different themes you might want to pick up several.
UNO the Peanuts Movie

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