Girls Razor Tempest Bike

Girls' Razor Tempest BMX Bike

My granddaughter, Kylie, is a real tomboy. Since she was very young her interests have always been more along the lines of dump trucks and playing with bugs rather than tea parties and princess fantasies. When I found out that my daughter, who is a single mother struggling financially, was in the market for a new bike for Kylie I decided to step in and help out. Isn’t that a Grandpa’s job? Spoiling Kylie and all of my 7 grandkids is my greatest joy in life, besides the occasional golf game. I just did not really know what sort of bike would be appropriate for tomboy Kylie.

I took Kylie out for some ice cream to talk about what kind of bike she would like to have. I know that it is not like the ,€œolden days,€ when there was just one or two bikes on the market to choose from. Mountain bikes, freestyle bikes, BMX bikes, cruiser bikes and more fill the aisles of our local sporting goods store. Not a real biking enthusiast myself, the names meant nothing to me. Kylie right away mentioned that what she wanted more than anything was a BMX bike. Okay, so BMX bike it is!

My wife and I settled on the Razor Tempest bike for Kylie. It is a BMX bike, just as she wanted, and the price was fairly reasonable for a bike that looks like it will last my granddaughter several fun filled years. In a nod to my wife (who has great hopes that Kylie will soon drop the tomboy phase of her life) we got a pink model bike. The bike is just the right size for Kylie and she started riding it the minute we brought it over to their apartment.

She had no trouble adjusting the seat height all by herself which is nice. The bike is well made, sturdy and by all appearances a very safe mode of transportation. We had a ton of fun going with her to the local park and taking video of her as she zipped around on her new pink bike. I know she wants to do a lot more daredevil things with the bicycle, such as riding on hills and courses, but for now her mother will only allow park and street riding.

All in all, I would say this Girls Razor Tempest Bike is a great bike at a fantastic price. I would recommend this bike to any other Grandpa who wants to see their granddaughter enjoy the fun sport of cycling.

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