Wildkin Wishbone Lunch Box

Wildkin Wishbone Lunch Box

Wildkin Wishbone Lunch Box Review

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My teenage daughter decided that she wanted to start taking her lunch to school, which is fine by me, because she ends up never eating the lunch that the school cafeteria offers, then goes all day hungry. My daughter and I headed out to find her a lunchbox. She wanted a lunchbox that was fun, hip, and of course cool. We searched several stores and had no luck, so I told her we would look on the Internet to see if we could find something. I went on Amazon and found the Wildkin Wishbone Lunch Box, and my daughter loved the colors and fun designs, so I ordered one.
Wildkin Wishbone Lunch Box The Wildkin Wishbone Lunchbox was at our doorstep in just two days, and my daughter couldn’t wait to use it the following day. Together we packed her lunch, and the next day she took it with her to school. I couldn’t wait until she got home from school to see how the lunch held up in the lunchbox. My daughter said the food was still chilled, and I was surprised that there was none of her lunch left in the lunchbox. She actually ate it all. My daughter said all her friends wanted to know where she got the Wildkin Wishbone Lunch Box, because they all wanted one too.

Benefits of the Wishbone Lunch Box

  • Over Twenty Five Choices in Colors and Designs
    Inner Mesh Pouch
    Zippered Front Pocket
    Place for Water Bottles, Juice, and Ice Coolers
    And so much more,€¦

Cons of the Wishbone Lunch Box

  • Poorly Sewn
    Not Odor Resistant
    Zipper Issues
    Not Large Enough

are other customers saying about the Wildkin Wishbone Lunch Box?

Wildkin Wishbone Lunch BoxThe Wildkin Wishbone Lunch Box has an almost perfect score at Amazon.com – 4.5 out 5 star rating. The happy owners have this to say:

,€œPicked up two for our school age children. With an ice-pack these keep food cold through the school day – well past lunch. The juice box holder is a nice touch and also holds litterless juice boxes. Stains come out easy. Cool designs. We’re happy with our purchase.
,€œGlad i listened to all the rave reviews. this is a great lunch box at a great price. I love the easy lunchboxes cases (much better than the bentgo) and this fits it perfectly with room for ice pack and juice. Even a small snack like a granola bar in the pocket if i needed. I am purchasing two more for the other kids.,€
,€œAdorable style, study, and keeps lunches cold (I place an ice pack in with the lunches at 6:00am and when I get home at 6:00pm the ice pack is still cold).,€
,€œI purchased this for my daughter for her school lunch and she absolutely loves it! It is a great size, and even has a holder within to hold a juice box or smaller size water bottle. It has a netted pocket on the inside which is great for an ice cooler. There is a small zipper section on the outside too. It looks and feels like it is well made and we are very happy with the purchase.,€
,€œI have ordered this brand and style of lunch box for my elementary age child and like all of the different prints available. The digital camo one is his favorite. Good quality! they get us all the way to the end of the year and only get tossed because they get so dirty.,€

More Reviews of the Wishbone Lunch Box

Wildkin Wishbone Lunch BoxThe Wildkin Wishbone Lunch Box is a very popular item on Amazon. There are 538 customers who have purchased the Wishbone Lunch Box. The lunchbox has 88% positive customer reviews, and these customers have left a four or five gold star. The positive customers said the Wildkin Wishbone Lunch Box is functional, attractive, durable, and are very pleased with their purchase. There were 6% unhappy customer reviews that said the Wildkin Wishbone Lunch Box has faulty zippers, poorly sewn, and the lunchbox is not large enough. With over five hundred purchases for the Wildkin Wishbone Lunch Box, and an overwhelming 88% positive customer reviews it would make you believe that this is a great product.

Final Thoughts About the Wishbone Lunch Box

My daughter and I are very pleased with our Wildkin Wishbone Lunch Box purchase. My daughter wanted a fun and cool lunchbox that she could easily carry to and from school. We personally have had no problem with the zipper, and the lunchbox is the perfect size for any child from the age of three years through fifteen years of age. There are over twenty different patterns and colors to choose from, so there will be one that your child will fall in love with too. I would recommend the Wildkin Wishbone Lunch Box for any parent looking for a reliable, durable, safe, and functional lunchbox for their child.

Where to Purchase the Wishbone Lunch Box

The Wildkin Wishbone Lunch Box is currently available in 25 different color and design combinations at Amazon.com. The price is very affordable. It would make sense to order a few of them to alternate throughout the school year.

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