Huffy Brazen Bike for Girls

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Instead you might consider the Huffy Girl’s Coastal Bike, Stardust White/Glitter Pink, 20-Inch. This bike is a big hit with all girls and has the following features:

  • removable fashion bag which is the right size to carry all of your essentials
  • Sparkly streamers that girls love
  • Alloy quick release seat makes height adjustments a snap
  • Decorated crossbar and stem pads for added protection

Huffy Pop Star AMP Bike, Red/White, 20-Inch

Our daughter’s tenth birthday was fast approaching and my wife and I were baffled as to what would be the perfect gift for her first double digit birthday. Vanessa is at a sort of in-between age where she is starting to outgrow baby dolls yet not quite ready for any high ticket tech gadgets or any other mature gift. Even though she has wanted a cell phone for at least the past two years, we are firm in saying ,€œNo,€ to that at least until she is a teenager. Kids are just growing up way too fast these days. For now all we knew was that we were getting our Vanessa a present designed for a kid just her age.

After a bit of marital debate we finally settled on getting Vanessa a bike and chose the Huffy Brazen Freestyle bike. My wife and I both grew up with Huffy bikes back in the late 1970s so we knew that it was a reliable brand who enjoys a solid reputation. I was happy to discover that not only is Huffy still in business all these decades later, but they are actually thriving and make all sorts of newly styled bikes.

Apparently, a freestyle bike is one that is designed for ramp tricks, jumps and such. In the month or so that Vanessa has had her bike she has yet to do anything like that, but has enjoyed simply riding it all around our small town here in Wisconsin. As she gets increasingly accustomed to the bike, though, we will likely allow her to head over to the local skating park where they let kids do biking tricks.

The bike that we bought is a single speed model with twenty inch wheels. Turns out, it is the perfect size for Vanessa. It is red and white, colors that seems to suit our daughter just fine. The bike is sturdy and by all accounts seems to be entirely safe. She has not had a single bit of trouble handling the bike and the hand brakes make for easy stopping. In fact, the Huffy hand brakes do not require an excessive amount of strength to pull tight as opposed to some of the other freestyle bikes that we considered.

Health and fitness are important to our family, so this bike is a good fit for us. We are looking forward to riding as a family, at least until Vanessa has determined that it is just too embarrassing to be seen with us. Hopefully, that will mean at least another year or two!

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