Huffy Toy Story Boys Bike

Huffy Toy Story Boys Bike, Blue/Green, 16-Inch

My grandson’s third birthday is coming up next week and when I asked my son what Jeremy wanted for a gift, the first thing he mentioned was a bike. Jeremy is a very active child, always coming over to visit Grandma and Grandpa with bruises up and down his legs as well as few scrapes on his elbows. I wasn’t sure that he was really old enough to handle a bike, but my son assured me that all the other kids Jeremy’s age were already riding. So off we went in search of the perfect bicycle for my perfect grandson.

After looking at a dozen or so bikes we found the one that we think Jeremy will just adore. Not only is it the right size for him (16 inch wheels) and right price for us (about $70), this particular model sports the Toy Story them all over it and that is sure to impress our grandson!

It is the Huffy Toy Story bike and we found it at an online retailer. Thankfully, they were able to ship it right away and we got it in three days. We also had the option of paying a bit more for expedited shipping, which would have had the bike at our door by the next day. Because we had two weeks before the big birthday party, we didn’t need to do that.

I remember buying our son (Steve, who is now 30 years old) a Huffy bike sometime in the 1980s and that bike lasted all the way until Steve headed off to college in the late 1990s. As a matter of fact, he loved the bike so much he actually took it to college with him! Anyway, I just knew that the Huffy brand was very reliable and I was comfortable knowing that as we bought this newest bike for Jeremy.

Since he is a huge fan of ,€œToy Story,€, I know he will grin ear to ear when he sees that this new big boy bicycle has Buzz Lightyear and Woody right on the frame of the bike. It is blue and green in color, which will suit Jeremy just fine. We also purchased the ,€œToy Story,€ helmet and knee pads separately from around $20 and we will make sure he wears it whenever he rides his bike.
Toy Story Toddler's Pacific Disney Pixar Helmet and Pads

The Huffy Toy Story Boys bike also comes with blue training wheels and comfortable handlebar pads. We had to be a bit of quick assembly on the bike, too, but that took less than twenty minutes and was simple to do. Good thing, as our fingers are not as nimble as they used to be!

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