Kawasaki K20G Girls Bike

Kawasaki Girl's K20G 20-Inch Bicycle
Did you know that Kawasaki makes children’s bicycles? I had absolutely no idea! My wife and I were on the hunt for the perfect bike for our 9 year old, Jessica, and sort of stumbled upon the Kawasaki K20G which is designed for school age girls. Of course, the first thing I did was check to make sure that it was not motorized since I didn’t want to ,€œaccidentally,€ buy my little princess a motorcycle. We’ll save that for when she is sixteen years old (well, my wife may object to that).

The K20G is a 20-inch bike that was the perfect fit for Jessica. It is styled something like a mountain bike, which will be great for her. We plan to take the bike with us when we take RV trips this summer and start biking together as a family. It has six gears, which will be beneficial for riding hills and maybe the occasional mini-mountain. It is sturdy and reliable, which makes Jessica’s mom feel more comfortable.

The one we choose for her is a dark purple, which is one of her very favorite colors. In fact, we even got her a purple helmet to match! The bike also came with a water bottle and cage, which Jessica thought was super cool. I had to assemble the bike myself, with just a little assistance from one of our neighbors. It really took no time at all.

Jessica’s first trip on the new bike was a two block ride over to the park at her elementary school. Of course, I ran behind her to make sure she had no trouble with the bike and got to the park safely. Sure she yelled, ,€œDad! I can do it! You’re embarrassing me!,€ the whole way, but I am pretty used to that by now. She rode that bike like an old pro and probably did not need me to job behind her.

I had a Kawasaki motorcycle in college (a sweet 1988 EL 250) so I was very familiar with the Kawasaki brand and their reputation for reliability. As a matter of fact, I would still have that bike if you-know-who didn’t insist I sell it before we got married. And Jessica loves her Kawasaki as much as I loved mine. It is such fun to watch her ride her bike and become a more accomplished cyclist every single day. We are looking forward to a great summer riding our bikes not only around the neighborhood, but on the occasional RV trip as well. ,€¨

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