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If you are looking for a great training bike for your little one, you need look no further than the Wee Ride Balance Training Bike. Perfectly sized for riders of four to six years of age, it has everything a parent could ask for in a training bike. This bike is widely available and comes in a variety of eye catching colors. A smart shopper can also find deep discounts on this particular bike at some of the larger online retailers such as Amazon.

Because this is a balance bike, there are no crank and pedals for the child (and parent) to contend with. Instead, the goal is to get the young rider accustomed to balancing on the bike itself and the pedaling piece will come in the near future. Thus, the need for training wheels and a dependence on them is eliminated. Taking the time to allow a child to learn some balancing skills on their bike is a recommended step and increases the child’s confidence on the bicycle. Outside of the lack of pedals this bicycle looks exactly like any other bike. With a retail price of less that $60 it is also a real bargain for any cash strapped mom and dad.

The seat on this bike is super easy to adjust and no tools are required. This is handy for the un-handy mother or father! Further, the handlebar is adjustable as well making the bike fit the little boy or girl flawlessly. The metal center piece of the handlebar is also fully padded as an extra safety measure just in case the child loses his grip and falls forward. The 12 inch wheels are the optimal height for the young riders that this cycle is designed to accommodate. Youthful cyclists find the seat to be comfortable and the bike simple to navigate.

Another great feature of the Wee Ride bike is that it has a rear hand brake affixed to the right side of the handlebars. This is not common on other similar bikes and helps the junior rider learn to stop effectively. The bike also comes in kid friendly bright colors such as yellow with blue accents and red with white accents. This bike is sturdy and designed to last a good long time. In fact, it would be a great bike for a family to pass on to younger siblings, cousins or neighbors.

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