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Adora Alyssa Girl Scout Doll
Adora Girl Scout Dolls in Girl Scout attire? Recently, my sister informed me that her daughter had become a Girl Scout. That thrilled me, because my sister and I were both Girl Scouts, and we loved the adventure and social excitement that the Girl Scouts offered. I was at the mall the other day when I noticed this beautiful doll. I don’t normally notice dolls, but this doll was being featured in the window. She looked so life-like that I had to take a closer look. I was really surprised when I got a better look, because the doll was wearing her very own Girl Scout uniform.
The Adora doll’s name was Alyssa. Alyssa was handcrafted with a soft, durable vinyl. The face was individually hand sculpted, and the eyes opened and closed. She is eighteen inches in height, and her arms, legs, and neck are movable. Alyssa is wearing the traditional Girl Scout uniform. She even has the American flag patch and her membership pin on her sash. Alyssa also has tennis shoes and white socks, which reminded me so much of the way we used to dress wearing our uniform.

Adora Girl Scout Doll: I Fell In Love With Her

Adora Jasmine Girl Scout Doll I left the mall, but the Adora Girl Scout Doll had left quite an impression on me. I couldn’t stop thinking about that doll. Every detail was thought and put into this beautiful doll. The following day I was online and decided to see how much the Adora Girl Scout Doll would be on Amazon. I was quite pleased that she was affordable, so I ordered her for my niece. She arrived in two days, and I had to open her up. Adora Girl Scout Dolls can be ordered in a variety of ethnicities. My niece has blond hair and blue eyes, so that is what I ordered. Alyssa’s hair was soft and flowing. She was proudly wearing her Girl Scout’s uniform and she looked great. I can’t wait to show her to my sister, then give her to my niece.

Adora Girl Scout Doll: Appearance

Adora Kayla Girl Scout Dolls I rushed over to my sister’s house to show Alyssa to her. My sister had tears streaming down her face. She said she looks just like we did, and now my daughter. She is beautiful. She touched her skin, and she was amazed on how soft and life-like her skin was too. Her eyes opened and closed with ease, and her skin tone was flawless. Alyssa was beautiful.
My niece came through the door and I gave the Adora Girl Scout Doll to her. I told my niece how this doll reminded me of her mommy and myself when we were young girls being Girl Scouts, and now she is doing her part too. My niece hugged Alyssa and thanked me for her.

Adora Girl Scout Doll: What Are Others Saying About the Adora Girl Scout Dolls?

Adora Play Doll Lily - Girl Scout I think the Adora Girl Scout Doll is the best, well-made doll I have ever seen. My niece took Alyssa to her Girl Scout meeting and the troop leader fell in love with her too. She said she was the perfect doll to represent the Girl Scouts.
The Amazon reviews have rated the Adora Girl Scout Dollsat about 4.8 out of 5 stars. Customers are saying this about the Adora Girl Scout Dolls:

,€œMy daughter loved her. She is in the Girl Scouts and really liked the uniform in the doll. She says that her hair is so soft and silky. I saw that the quality is very good. Very much worth the cost and less expensive than other dolls that I have priced.,€
,€œMy Granddaughter, who loves being a Brownie, loved this “just like me” doll. I also found a pair of doll eyeglasses like the ones she wears to complete the outfit. Both the doll and the clothes are very well made..,€
,€œThe Brownie outfit is not just adorable and well made but it is licensed by the Girl Scouts. I think this is a well made doll appropriate for a child or a collector. Everything on the doll is good quality.,€
,€œThese are well made dolls. The clothes are well made also. I like the expressive faces. They were made for the 100th anniversary of the Girl Scouts and are marked with a logo tag. I was very pleased with them.,€
,€œThe doll was everything I had hoped it would be. My granddaughter was thrilled. She has beautiful hair and eyes.,€

Adora Girl Scout Dolls: Where Can You Purchase Them?

If you would like to add a Adora Girl Scout Doll to your family, then Amazon is the place to purchase her. The Adora Girl Scout Dolls are affordable, and you can have them shipped directly to your door in just a few days. There are limited quantities, so now is the time to order your Adora Girl Scout Doll, before they are sold out.

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