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M-Wave Child's Wooden Running Bike (Tiger)
My daughter, Sharrice, got the most awesome present for her third birthday this past weekend. I had never seen nor heard of a wooden running bike, but that is exactly what her Aunt Audrey got her and it simply made Sharrice’s face light up!

The bike she got was a M-Wave Child’s Wooden Running Bike (I think they also call them ,€œtraining bikes,€) and it is the cutest little thing. It is a bike designed for toddlers or preschoolers and it is just the right size for them. The bike that Sharrice got looked little a little wooden tiger, with stripes painted all along the ,€˜frame’ of the bike and the cutest little tiger face painted right up on the ,€˜handlebars’. There are no pedals on this bike and the rider simply pushes with their feet to get going.

The entire thing is made of wood, which I had never heard of before. But, it is lightweight and simple to maneuver. The whole point of a bike like this is the rider gets used to the feel of a bike and also they learn to efficiently balance on the bike. I remember our older daughter learning to ride a bike about 4 years ago and my husband having to constantly holler at her, ,€œKeep pedaling! Keep pedaling!,€ because she was so focused on just keeping balanced that she forgot to pedal! With this new wooden and pedal free model, we no longer need to worry about that.

The seat was easy to adjust so that we could get Sharrice at just the right level. This is important to us, since our daughter is growing like crazy right now and the last thing we want to deal with is struggling to adjust some seat height.

Seriously, it took just about no time at all for Sharrice to be up on the bike and rolling down the block. She even got to going fairly fast and it was a real work-out for me to jog along side of her as I cheered her on. Actually, this is something of an added benefit for me! Fun with my daughter, plus a bit of exercise!

I also like the fact that the tiger styling is great for a boy or a girl. While we have all daughters (and Sharrice is the last of the bunch), we would like to pass this on to our neighbors who have a newborn baby boy. The thought that another family can get as much joy out this wooden running bike as we have, simply makes our hearts sing.

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