Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

Playhut Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Super Play House

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You might want to consider the Playhut Dora Mega House. It has many of the same features.

Playhut Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Super Play House

Playhut Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Super Play House is a great gift idea for toddlers who are just beginning to explore the idea of having a house of their own. Allow your child to let his imagination loose with this crawl through structure and playhouse that has working windows and a door.

The Playhut Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Super Play House features:

  • Tunnel port for fun crawling in and out of the house
  • 2 AA battery powered lights
  • Easy to keep with its Twist N Fold technology
  • Easy and instant set up
  • Mesh windows for peeking through
  • Front door for easy entrance and exit of the playhouse
  • Can fit up to four kids

This colorful play tent allows your child to enjoy his or her very own version of Mickey Mouse’s Club House. They can even spend their time inside playing with their friends since the playhouse can accommodate up to 4 children, and with the easy breathable mesh windows and fabric, parents need not fear of having their children suffocate from the heat. The tent is made of soft and durable polyester materials that allow you to easily bring the tent around whether outside or inside the house.

The Playhut Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Super Play House also has an added perk of having its own source of light through battery operated ,€œhouse lights.,€ The light is powered by two AA batteries that still need to be purchased since it does not come with the whole package. The tent lights allow the children to play inside the play tent even at night, and during gloomy days, children will not have any problems reading since they can simply turn on the lights in their play tent to continue reading and playing.

Since the tent can easily accommodate up to 4 kids, there is enough room for one or two children to play inside the tent and even bring in their toys. Parents have also enjoyed having this in the house since children will often take their toys inside the house which in turn allows the parents to enjoy a tidier house without all the toys being strewn about.

A great thing about the house is that with its Twist N Fold technology, if the child does not want to play with the house, parents can easily fold it up and keep it, and just take it out whenever the child decides that he or she does want to play in it again.

Make your little one’s imagination fly by letting him or her join Mickey Mouse and his adventures in his Club House by giving your child his very own Playhut Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Super Play House.

Note: Due to popular demand this playhouse often sells out. Keep checking.

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