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American Girl Dolls
Have you heard about American Girl Dolls? I didn’t know a thing about them until I heard my two nieces talking about them. My nieces were looking at a magazine that I later learned was the American Girl magazine. The American Girl Magazine is exclusively created for girls eight years and older, and my nieces are ten and eleven, which is why they were just talking away to each other while they flipped through the pages.
American Girl DollsI asked the girls to show me the magazine, so I could understand why they were having such a laughing, fun time reading it together. I looked through the magazine with the girls, and they explained to me about the American Girl Dolls. They both said they wished they had their very own American Girl Doll, but with their father losing his job recently they didn’t think they would ask for one for quite some time. When the girls went home I decided to do my own research on the American Girl Dolls to see what made them so significant. I wondered if they were in comparison to the Cabbage Patch Dolls with which I had growing up.

American Girls Dolls: The Research

American Girl dolls I went online and did a search for American Girl Dolls. I found that over twenty five million American Girl Dolls have been sold since 1986. The dolls can be custom made and ordered to look like the child to whom you are giving the doll. If your daughter is a dancer, then you can get a doll that dances or a doll that does ballet. There are so many options. The American Girl Dolls are eighteen inches tall, and come with beautiful hair, open and closing eyes, and a cute outfit. The price of the dolls is a bit on the higher side, but they are made of quality materials. Any girl will love, adore, and play forever with these dolls.
I do most of my online shopping at Amazon, because I have had wonderful luck shopping there. If I ever have a problem with a product, then shipping the item back is free, and I am instantly refunded, so I decided to head over to Amazon to see if I could purchase the American Girl Dolls for my nieces. I was surprised that Amazon did carry the dolls, and there is no fee for the shipping and handling, so I ordered the Isabelle doll and the Rebecca doll. Each of the dolls would be perfect for my nieces.

American Girl Dolls: Appearance

    Just as promised, Amazon had the American Girl Dolls arriving within two days from the time I ordered them. I had to open the dolls up to see if they looked better in person than they did American Girl Dolls online, and they did. The doll’s hair is soft and silky, and looked amazing. The eyes on the dolls open and close. The outfit that the dolls were wearing was hip, fun, and exciting. Each doll comes with a complete outfit, and shoes. Here is what was included in the box:

    • American Girl Doll
    • Pair of Pants
    • Blouse
    • Panties
    • Shoes
    • Copy of the American Girl Magazine

    I was really impressed with the American Girl Dolls. These dolls put the Cabbage Patch Dolls to shame. I would have loved to have one of these dolls growing up. The price is worth every penny, because the details that have went into the making of the American Girl Dolls are outstanding.

    American Girl Dolls: Aged for All Girls

    The American Girl Dolls are perfect for girls of all ages. They have a special line for little girls of three years and older, then eight years and older. The dolls will be treasured even as the child grows up to be an adult.

    American Girl Dolls: What My Nieces Think

    American Girl DollsOne week after the dolls arrived, I took them over to meet their new owners, my nieces. When I handed each of them their dolls, and they opened their personal American Girl Dolls they started hugging the doll, then thanking me over and over. Their parents even had tears streaming down their faces. The parents said they appreciated me purchasing the dolls, as that is all the girls have been talking about for months. We all couldn’t get over how life-like the dolls are. They are great!

    American Girl Dolls: What Others Think

    American Girl dollsNot only does our family think the American Girl Dolls are great, but they are ranked 4.5 out of 5 stars on Amazon, and these customers are saying this about the American Girl Dolls:

    ,€œThe American Girl Doll is absolutely beautiful. I purchased this doll for my daughter. She loves the American Girl books, and always wanted a doll. The doll I purchased is the Isabelle doll, because she is a dancer, like my daughter. Great quality and craftsmanship,€.
    ,€œI am very satisfied with my American Girl Doll purchase. I will definitely be purchasing another one in the future.,€
    ,€œThe American Girl Dolls come completely dressed and ready to be played with. My granddaughter takes her American Girl Doll with her everywhere, so I know that this isn’t a doll that will sit on a shelf. Excellent!,€

    American Girl Dolls: More Reviews

    There are many choices for the American Girl Dolls, however for Isabelle, the American Doll for 2014, there are currently 65 reviews. You can read these comments by clicking on the link for Isabelle.

    Where You Can Purchase the American Girl Dolls

    As you may have read, I am a big fan and shopper at Amazon. I have never had one problem shopping on their website in three years. You can rest assure when shopping at Amazon. I have used my debit and credit card for each purchase, and never have been charged anything over the amount, and usually all items qualify for free shipping, which can save a lot of money. The prices are always lower at Amazon, and you can get your items within 48 hours. You can purchase the American Girl Dolls at Amazon, and have them quickly.

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