Step2 Lifestyle Custom Kitchen

Step2 Lifestyle Custom Kitchen

Step2 Lifestyle Custom Kitchen A Grandma’s Review

In our family we have owned a Step2 Lifestyle Custom Kitchen for six years. It was originally bought for our older Granddaughter and as she grew out of it her twin sisters took it over. It is so well built that we have not had any misadventures with it.
The Step2 Lifestyle Custom Kitchen fit beautifully just outside the door to the kitchen so the girls were able to cook in their kitchen while Mom cooked in hers. It has so many features but does not take up a great deal of floor space.
All the girls loved the noise that the burners made when a pan was placed on it. They also loved the cell phone that comes with it.

Parent Friendly Step2 Lifestyle Custom Kitchen

Step2 Lifestyle Custom KitchenWe appreciate how sturdy the plastic is in this Step2 Lifestyle Custom Kitchen . After six years of continuous use it still looks almost new.
It is fun to be served the imaginary culinary delights that the girls concoct. It gives a great teaching time to talk about healthy eating.
For my daughter it is a plus that it fits in a relatively small space. She also likes the fact that the included accessories can be stored in the kitchen bins and cupboards. It is easy to clean.
When you evaluate the durability plus interest attracting features of a toy against the price of it, the Step2 Lifestyle Custom Kitchen is worth every penny.

Kid Friendly Step2 Lifestyle Custom Kitchen

Step2 Lifestyle Custom Kitchen This Step2 Lifestyle Custom Kitchen is just the right height for the little girls. They have been reaching up to it from the time that they could stand. Initially just the opening and shutting the doors was their goal; however they quickly advanced to putting the pots on the burners to hear the noise.
As children love to mimic us they loved to get a hold of the cell phone. It would be more fun if the phone had buttons on it.
The Step2 Lifestyle Custom Kitchen comes with 20 accessories. In our case we bought the Step2 101 Piece Play Food Assortment so they had a large variety of both food and utensils with which to use. It has been a great way for them to learn the names of all the various foods. In picking what they might cook for us we were able to direct them to good food choices.

Assembly of the Step2 Lifestyle Custom Kitchen

Step2 101 Piece Play Food AssortmentWhen our kitchen arrived we really did not have a big problem in putting it together. My son-in-law is quite handy and has all the right tools so he was able to easily drill the necessary holes. He normally wants to affix everything to the wall but in this case he did not and we found the Step2 Lifestyle Custom Kitchen was stable enough that it was not necessary.
We recommend that you have or borrow a power drill.

Manufacture’s Features of the Step2 Lifestyle Custom Kitchen

Step2 has the following to say about the Step2 Lifestyle Custom Kitchen :
The LifeStyle,„¢ Custom Kitchen II,„¢ is one of Step2’s most realistic pretend play kitchens. Toddlers and preschoolers will love the electronic features that sound like the real appliances you would find in an actual kitchen! This pretend play kitchen toy features a compact design that will look great in your child’s playroom or bedroom. Made in USA of US and imported parts. Phone, silver doors, faucet and burner made in China.


  • This pretend play kitchen features fun, electronic sounds including a toy phone, stovetop, and toy microwave
  • The electronic stovetop on the toy kitchen is activated by the special frying pan and boiling pot
  • Electronic frying and boiling water sounds come from the stove’s front burner
  • “Stainless Steel” toy oven, microwave, and refrigerator enhance pretend play and provide valuable storage space for kitchen accessories once play time is over
  • The upscale granite-look counter tops on the play kitchen make it look like a real kitchen
  • Recycle bin and pull-out drawer are great places for children to store and organize their play kitchen accessories while also teaching kids the value of recycling and cleaning up
  • The decorative plate rack is a great place for kids to store their toy dishes and play kitchen toy accessories
  • Children can make believe they are washing their hands and dishes with the pretend sink and faucet
  • Framed window and wallpaper border decals go well with the colors and designs of the Custom Kitchen
  • The pretend play kitchen includes 20-piece accessory set (accessories may vary)
  • Check out the bright multicolored Custom Kitchen
  • Requires four ,€œAA,€ and two ,€œAAA,€ batteries (not included)

Adult assembly required

What Others Have to Say About the Step2 Lifestyle Custom Kitchen

The Step2 Lifestyle Custom Kitchen currently has 122 reviews with a rating of 4.4 out 5 stars at Here is a sampling of these reviews:

,€œPurchased for my granddaughter who turned one. She loved it and it is well made. She plays with it every day. Opening and closing the doors, drawer, etc. Dumping the dishes in the floor is her current liking.,€
,€œGranddaughter loves it. It also goes right against any wall so it doesn’t take up too much space.,€
,€œI got this for my 3 year old for her birthday. It is the perfect size for her in my opinion and it fit great in our small apartment. Its been here about 6 weeks now and its still a hit with all the kids that come over. In fact another mom bought it for her little girl because she loved it so much. :),€
,€œI got this for my one year old nephew for his birthday. At first I was afraid he wouldn’t be able to reach it, but its perfect for his height. What I liked about is that out of the box it looks well made. I like how the stove lights up and the sounds it makes when pots and pans are placed on them. I would have liked it even more if the microwave buttons made beeping sounds. I also like that the kitchen set is not HUGE. It fits nicely in a corner and doesn’t take that much space.,€

More Reviews of the Step2 Lifestyle Custom Kitchen

On there are many more reviews of the Step2 Lifestyle Custom Kitchen. We advise you to read them. It would appear that the biggest complaint is the lack of drill holes. Using a power drill can easily solve this.

Where to Buy the Step2 Lifestyle Custom Kitchen

The Step2 Lifestyle Custom Kitchen is currently available for about $80.00 at It is important to know that there is more than one model of the Step2 Lifestyle Custom Kitchen . If having a microwave and stove with keypads rather than decals you need to purchase the Step2 Custom Kitchen with the green countertop model#737200. The kitchen will be delivered right to your door with Free Shipping.

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