Preschool Fold Up Tricycle

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You might want to consider the Radio Flyer Fold 2 Go Trike. It has many of the same features. This tricycle has won the National Parenting Center’s Seal of Approval, NBC Today’s Toy Test Award, and the Great American Toy Test Award. It also comes in pink.

Preschool Fold Up Tricycle

Grandma and Grandpa (my parents) just got our two year old her first bike. I don’t know who is more excited, me or little Jazmyn! The bike they got for her is the Preschool Fold-Up Tricycle made by a brand by the name of Friendly Toys. I had no idea that they made bikes small enough for Jazmyn, so I was super surprised when my folks showed up at our house with this tiny cycle.

It is less than two feet tall, which seems to be just the perfect height for Jazmyn. It came fully assembled so that my husband did not need to fight with a hammer and wrench, which is a good thing since for some reason he always seems to end up with extra pieces. The bike is yellow, red, blue and white which seems to be all perfect colors for either a boy or a girl preschooler.

The fact that this bike folds up is just a huge deal to my husband and I. We are avid campers (actually, we have a gigantic RV, which I suppose is not ,€œreal camping,€) and having a bike for Jazmyn that can fit in the storage compartment is great. We had tried before to take riding toys with us camping, but found them to be too bulky to carry along. This Preschool Fold-Up Tricycle fit the bill just great!

This little bicycle has a comfortable seat, easy to grip handlebars and a small yellow carrying bin behind the bike and beneath the seat. The first thing our daughter did was load that bin up with a juice box and crackers. She looked like she was getting ready for a miniature road trip!

She also found the horn on the bike in no time and started beeping away. We thought the neighbors might grumble after the hundredth beep, but I suppose she is too cute to complain about! My parents also got Jazmyn a darling little pink helmet to go with her bike, but honestly she has never so much as tumbled off the bike since we got it several weeks ago. No tipping, no falling over and thank goodness no scraped knees.

My parents are true bargain hunters and we able to find this bike for less than $40 (the helmet was another $13 or so). I know this bike will not last her forever, but it certainly fits her right now and she really enjoys going out for a ride. And I have about a hundred cute pictures to prove it!

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