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Training Wheels: Girls Bike

Disney Princess 12

Claire, my baby girl, was going to turn 5 in just about a month and all she wanted for her birthday was a big girl bicycle. She had her heart all set on something pink or purple. Or, if she had her way, both pink and purple! Claire is small for her age, because she was born several weeks premature, so I wanted to make sure that we got her a bike that was the right size for her. The last thing I wanted was to have her perched up on top of some metal monster that would leave her with broken bones and a more broken spirit.

My husband talked to his coworker, who has a girl only a few months older than Claire, to pick his brain about what sort of bike would be most appropriate for our baby. He was told that the Huffy Disney Princess bike may be just perfect for our daughter. We checked online to make sure it was a safe model (sure is) and is the right size for our petite princess (absolutely). We were happy to see, too, that the chain part of the bike was completely covered so there was no danger of Claire getting hurt from those pieces.

The 12 inch wheels have these thick and sort of ,€œknobby,€ tires which seemed to really help Claire as she was just starting out. Even better, it came in a pink and purple model! Her face just lit up when she saw it for the first time. It came with training wheels, which was huge for us because we didn’t really want the extra $20 or $30 expense for just the training wheels. The training wheels were simple to affix to the bike and helped to stabilize Claire perfectly. Before you know it she was driving off down the street on her princess bike, proud as can be.

Of course, because it was a Disney Princess themed item it had Snow White, Ariel and Belle featured prominently on the bike. It even came with a mini backpack (featuring the princesses) that was affixed to the front of the bike. Perfect for storing tiny toy, treasures and treats!

I was familiar with the Huffybrand for years, so I was extremely confident that we were purchasing a bike that was sturdy, reliable and long lasting. So far, this has been proven to be absolutely correct. This was definitely one of the wisest purchase we have made for our little princess.

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