Cheatwell Games App Player Board Game

Cheatwell Games App Player Board Game

Review of the App-Player

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If traditional board games and a bit of modern technology is your ideal idea of fun then the App Player is definitely for you! It’s perfect as a family game for you and your teens or to provide entertainment for just you and your spouse.
The lady who does my nails has teens that are glued to their mobile phones. She wanted to find something that would involve the whole family and involve the use of the phones. With the App Player they were able to engage their phone crazy youngsters.

Operating System and Applications for the App-Player

Cheatwell Games App Player Board GameThe App Player game comes equipped with four different games that are preloaded onto your mobile phone, which must be either an IOS handset or Android. You will be given different game cards for the 4 preloaded games that will basically tell the board what game you want to play when inserted. The same thing happens virtually on your phone; when you open the app for each game you will see virtual game cards that are passed around to each player. Because the questions are generated through the app questions may be as current as yesterday’s performance on X-Factor to questions dating way back to Tina Turner.
The game apps are free of cost in the Android Market or Apple App Store, while the full game can be purchased at or

Settings for the App-Player

The settings in the application on your phone such as timing, sound effects and even more important the different modes of play and difficulty levels can be adjusted so as to allow you to adjust it to the age group of the people playing.

Games Available for the App-Player

Cheatwell Games App Player Board GameIf you are a frequent quiz or trivia app player then you should already be familiar with some of the games available in App Player such as ,€˜Tension’; the most popular guessing game around right now and can probably be found on every top ten app lists in the gaming category. Another popular game on App Player is ,€˜Humm Bug’; this is also a guessing game but this is particularly about music. It also features ,€˜Masquerade’ whish is a fun game like charades and lastly the ,€˜Great Big Trivia Quiz’ that will throw you questions from across the spectrum so be ready.
The games are practically pretty simple to understand, and provides a great platform for the whole family to enjoy regardless of what your personal preferences are. The fact that they have given you 4 popular games in one is definitely a huge advantage not only entertainment wise but also economically as you only need to make one purchase.
The games can be played in teams or individually which makes it even more fun so you can team up as children against adults or girls against boys for a more entertaining competition. It is recommended for ages 12 and up and as such the age group can help decide which of the four games is played. It is compatible with most, if not all Apple devices such as the iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad to name a few as well as most Android Smart Phones. You will also get an instruction manual with your game purchase, the multi – purpose game board, a tub of counters and color spots. All in all this is an amazing App Player game that pushes the thin line with traditional and modern gaming and is definitely one to check out.

What Others Have to Say About the App-Player

So far on the there are no reviews of the App Player. However over at there are 4 reviews on this is what the reviewers had to say:

,€œBought this because my teenage daughter moans & groans whenever I get a board game out of the cupboard. This is great fun to play and she didn’t complain once – smiles and laughter all round,€
,€œThis was OK as a family game over Christmas, but needs some more games for younger kids if it is going g to get continued use,€
,€œHard to put a rating as I have not used. I purchased as a gift and hope the recipient has lots of family fun with it. Looks great. Delivery was very quick,€

Where to Purchase the App-Player

When I went looking for the App-Player, at first I was unable to find it. After some searching I found it at and then under Cheatwell Games App Player Board Game, I was able to find it at It is currently listed at $33.70 & FREE Shipping from Ledbury Games Ltd UK.

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