Barbie Dream House

Barbie Dream House

Barbie Dream House – An aunt’s Review

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Barbie is a member of the family that will never get old. Her name has existed for ages and she is definitely planning on being around for many years to come. The recent release of the new and improved Barbie Dream House has definitely created pandemonium in the lives of many Barbie fans including my 6 year old niece. I don’t know if you were used to the previous version of the Dream House but the makeover has definitely crept its way up into my niece’s heart.
The house is now a three story doll house that features rooms that are fully furnished with colorful lights and entertaining sounds throughout the house. Along with that, it features a center elevator plus a second elevator to add a dash of additional style to the house. Plus with a new and improved luxurious closet your little princess and Barbie will definitely be living in style.

Features of the Barbie Dream House

Barbie Dream House To zoom in on the features of the Barbie Dream House we see that is includes three different levels to the house, each with its own area of play. They have added a variety of unique details such as colored appliances, adjustable dining table, a bed in the form of a canopy, a trundle bed, a television set that can actually change channels and of course the amazing walk in closet. The house comes with operating lights and sounds that will assist in playing out storylines with Barbie and her friends. Furniture pieces are made so that they will remain firm in place so you won’t have to worry about your child misplacing the furniture. This of course was a welcomed change for my Aunt and niece as my niece refuses to stay one place when she is playing.

Kid Friendly Barbie Dream House

The 3 Play Areas

Barbie Dream House When Barbie gets a visitor the play time begins as soon as the doorbell rings. As the door opens Barbie will welcome to walk through the elegant pink double-doors where she can lead you to the kitchen for a quick snack. Here you can prepare a myriad of delicious treats with the included ,€˜light up’ oven and prepare juice in her blender. When you have finished preparing the refreshments head to the dining room, where you can serve up your meals.
On the second floor, you will find the bathroom, which includes a mirror that lights up, a toilet that flushes and a shower perfect for singing. When you are ready to go to bed, simply head to the exquisite bedroom on the opposite end of the corridor. It is here that you will find comfy canopy bed that transforms into a reveal a trundle bed – canopy combo when pulled out; making Barbie’s bedroom perfect for fun sleepovers. Let’s not forget that Barbie’s puppy needs rest too so his bed is also close by so he can sleep with Barbie in full view.
If you just want to hang out with your friends then take the elevator up to the third-floor where you will find Barbie’s living room. Here Barbie and her friends can decide what channel they want to watch on the television or grab a tan on the balcony while enjoying the sweet Malibu sun. Get all jazzed up with Barbie by trying on some new outfits from Barbie’s new closet then have a girl’s night out in the town. The possibilities of fun with the Barbie Dream House are endless and definitely a gift worth buying.

Cons of the Barbie Dream House

The biggest negative of the Barbie Dream House is the difficulty in assembling it. We highly recommend you view both the following videos and leave time to work with the many parts.

Some owners have had problems with the elevator getting stuck. This video shows how to fix this problem.

In reading through the reviews it is our opinion that maybe this house has been purchased for children who are too young. There are many very sturdy toys for toddlers and preschoolers. The Barbie Dream House comes with many parts and the small ones should definitely not be available to small children – they may cause choking.

What Others Say About the Barbie Dream House

The Barbie Dream House currently has a 3.5 out of 5 star rating at Here are some of the comments of the reviewers:

,€œThis new house rocks!,This house is unlike anything Mattel has done before. Lots of new features, it is really cool. My 5 year old loves , loves, loves it.
Assembly was not difficult for me as I have put together MANY Mattel houses. However, I will agree that the instructions could be alot better. Just remember ,the columns all have shaped ends on the bottom that correspond with the whole you need to put it in. Like heart shaped, diamond, etc. Once you have that figured out – it is pretty easy.,€
,€œMy granddaughter plays and plays all day and has had many hours of fun playing with her Barbie Dream House.,€
,€œThis house is beautiful. My granddaughters are enjoying it very much. This took about 2 hours to assemble and there are a number of steps that are rather confusing. The assembly directions need considerable improvement. They are just pictures with arrows. Some of the steps could use some clear written instructions. ,€œ
,€œbought this for my 6 year old daughter. It was pretty simple to put together; however, the elevator assembly was very frustrating. The company did send a paper for those who have trouble with the elevator for additional help. All things considered the house was much bigger than I imagined, but overall it is a great toy! It was worth the money.,€
,€œOMG, my 5 year old daughter absolutely loves this thing. We’ve had it for 2 months now with no issues. Didn’t have anything broken during shipping,speedy delivery. Yeh the instructions are useless, but I went on YouTube and found an excellent video, step by step on how to put it together( it’s the video with the married couple, “How to assemble the 2013 Barbie Dream House”).,€

More Reviews of the Barbie Dream House

Currently there are 229 reviews of the Barbie Dream House at We highly recommend that you both review them and look at the assembly videos before purchasing. My niece loves her Barbie Dream House and we were able to assemble it by following the videos, however assembly has proven frustrating for many purchasers. We recommend it with the advice that it is a more suitable toy for children who are at least 5 or older.

Where to Purchase the Barbie Dream House

The Barbie Dream House is at 22% discount at and comes with Free shipping right to your door. Since it ships from and is sold by Amazon, you should not have any problems with customer service. One of the reviewers had this advice ,€œIf you find any problems out of the box, contact Mattel Customer Service immediately while you are still under warranty. I find them to be kind and understanding.,€

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