Breastfeeding a baby

Guilty about Not Being Able to Breastfeed?

Some mothers are unable to breastfeed. The mothers that are unable to breastfeed go through terrible guilt. Unfortunately, the mother has tried and tried to breastfeed, but it is impossible. These mothers just don’t produce breast milk. The mothers have tried taking medicine that will help the mothers produce milk, but the milk never produces. Some mothers can’t breastfeed their babies because they may have an illness that requires them to take serious medication that can be transferred to the baby through breast milk. Whatever the reason a mother is unable to breastfeed they are suffering with tremendous guilt.
Today’s society has put tremendous pressure on all women to breastfeed their babies. History shows us that the practice of breastfeeding has gone in cycles. It has gone from women only breastfeeding their own children to noble women using wet nurses back to women nursing their own children. There was a decline in breastfeeding from the late 1880s to the 1960s and especially educated upper class women used formula. About 1960 the cycle slowly started to change again and women were encouraged to breastfeed their babies. Now women are condemned if they are unable to breastfeed their babies.
A mother wants to give their baby the best care they can. The mother wants to breast feed their baby because it is healthier for the baby and creates an amazing bonding experience. Women who can’t breastfeed start to go through depression and guilt because they feel like they have failed their baby. Family and friends may even ridicule the mother for not breastfeeding the baby. They don’t understand that the mother wants to, but just can’t. The mother feels embarrassed, sad and feels like a failure.
The first thing a mother who is unable to breastfeed needs to do is stop feeling guilty. It is not your fault. There is nothing wrong with you as a mother. Focus on being the best mother you can. Make your feeding time with your baby special. The baby doesn’t care if the milk is from you or is formula. The baby is hungry and wants to be held by you and to be fed.
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The main thing you have to remember is about you being unable to breastfeed is it isn’t your fault. Replace that guilt with laughter. Cherish your time with your baby, as you are a good mother who is giving your baby wonderful care and love. Treasure your baby’s time as they grow so fast. Before you know it your baby will be off the bottle and drinking out of a sippy cup.
There is no shame in giving your baby formula instead of breast milk. As long as your baby is getting fed and getting the proper nutrition, then who cares where the milk is coming from. You have done all you could to provide breastfeeding for you baby, but it wasn’t in the cards for you. You are not the only mother who was unable to breastfeed. If you find yourself starting to get depressed over this, then join a mothers group who is also suffering from this same issue or talk to your doctor. If you have already tried the lactate tablets and it didn’t work, then your doctor can give you some helpful advice to get over the depression.
The main thing is stop blaming yourself and stop being guilty. Breastfeeding doesn’t determine if you are a good mother.

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