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Mongoose Metric Dual-Suspension Mountain Bike (24-Inch Wheels)

When it comes to mountain bikes, you just can’t get any better than the Mongoose brand. In particular, the Mongoose Domain Men’s Dual-Suspension Mountain Bike is truly outstanding. Whether you can are a casual mountain biker or you are a real warrior who takes the sport super seriously, this is the bike for you. This model features sound design, superior safety, and fine craftsmanship.

This is an all-terrain bike sporting 26 inch wheels and 21 speeds. The Mongoose brand (previously known as BMX Products Inc.) is highly regarded in the mountain biking arena. In fact, Mongoose was the company that helped to create cutting edge full-suspension design. The full-suspension design means that there is suspension in both the front and rear of the bike, making for a smoother ride and a safer overall biking experience. The Mongoose Domain currently retails for approximately $250, which is not an unreasonable price to pay for a quality mountain bike. Of course, if you watch for sales or check online retailers you will likely see a cost savings of 30% or more. If you decide to purchase online, try to score a deal on free shipping as well.

While this bike is marketed as a men’s bike, any confident rider (male or female) over 5 foot tall will be able to handle the cycle with ease. It features comfortable handlebar grips, alloy frame, and chunky tires specifically designed to handle off road biking. However, it is also comfortable enough to handle a casual urban ride around your city. Because the bike is fairly lightweight it is a breeze to throw in your car and take on a vacation to the mountains. It is also a great way for college students to easily move their way around campus.

This bike would be great for teenagers just honing their mountain biking skills. The stylish design, proudly showcasing the Mongoose name, will prove to be very appealing to the younger set. Further, it is not so costly that should your teenager decide to give up mountain biking for car cruising you will be out a barrel full of cash. In fact, this would be a great birthday or middle school graduation gift for your teenager.

If you opt to purchase the Mongoose Domain Men’s Dual-Suspension Mountain Bike product from an online retailer, the bike will come mostly assembled. The small amount of final assembly that is required post-delivery is a snap and should not pose a problem. However, should you run into any trouble at all the manufacturer has a user friendly website ( that is sure to answer all of your questions.

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