Crying Baby and Sleep

Baby Cry Themselves to Sleep

Should You Let Your Baby Cry Themselves to Sleep?

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Many parents struggle with the idea of letting their baby cry themselves to sleep. Some parents think it is cruel to do while other parents are at a loss of what to do when they have tried everything and their baby still won’t go to sleep unless mom or dad is holding them.
A baby learns really fast. A baby learns when they let out a little whimper their mommy or daddy will rush over and pick them up. When a baby is hungry, wet or not feeling well, then this is the only way a baby can let their parents know something is wrong and it is normal for them to cry for a bit until one or both of the parents come to their rescue. After a several months of doing this baby has picked up on how to get mommy and daddy to pick them up. Now their cry may only be to be picked up or they don’t want to go to sleep.
Baby Cry Themselves to Sleep
Is it okay for parents to let babies cry themselves to sleep? If your baby has been fed, bathed, changed and nothing is wrong and it is bedtime, then it is not going to hurt them to cry for a while. You can let the baby cry for up to ten minutes, then check on the baby. You don’t need to pick the baby up, but just check on the baby to make sure they are okay, then walk away. The baby will learn that you are not going to cave in and pick them up if you continue to do this.
Baby Cry Themselves to SleepIt may take some time, but it doesn’t hurt the baby to cry. It actually hurts you more than it does the baby. Once the baby gets used to the idea that mommy or daddy won’t pick them up every time they cry, then they will know when they are put into their crib it is time for sleep. The baby will get into a sleep schedule when you put the baby into the crib when it is naptime or bedtime. The crying will stop and the baby will start to go to sleep without crying in just a few days.
It will be a tough few days, but it will be worth it in the long run. Parents will start to get their sleep and their baby will get the sleep that they need as well. It is important for parents not to pick up their baby every time the baby cries.

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