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Bedtime Stories: Why and When?

Some of the best time spent with my children was when I was reading them their bedtime stories. It happened every night at the same time. The children knew that once the story was over, and then it was lights out and time to go to sleep.

Why Read Bedtime Stories

Why is it important to read a bedtime story to your kids? It is important to read a bedtime story to your child for many reasons. A bond is formed between a child and parent when this time is spent together. The television is turned off. The phone isn’t being answered. It is just quality time that every child and parent needs. Another benefit to reading a bedtime story to your kids is that it helps to boost your children’s brain development. When a parent is reading to their children the children are learning more.

Benefits to Bedtime Stories

Children, who are read to at bedtime have lower stress. Their logic skills improve too. Children who are read to also gain language skills. Another benefit is the children learn to speak correctly. They hear the words that are read to them and they understand how they should be spoken. A child’s memory improves just by being read to. The child will remember the storyline of the book and be able to tell what the next page will be.
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When to Read Bedtime Stories

When should a child be read to? It is my opinion that a child should be read to as soon as they can sit up. The parent should try to stick to the same story. This will build their language and improve their memory skills.
A bedtime story should be done at the same time every night. This sets up a schedule for the child and the child knows when the book has been read, then it is time to go to sleep.

Who Should Read the Bedtime Stories

Kids do better in school if their dad is reading their bedtime story. Research has shown that a dad that reads the bedtime story to their children will enhance the child to excel in school. This doesn’t mean only dad can do the bedtime story, but both parents can do it together or take turns.
There is nothing better than spending quality time with your children. Reading a bedtime story will give your child a sense of security. When the bedtime story is over, then tuck the child in and they can go to sleep. The child gets into a routine. A routine life is healthy for a child.

Where to Find Bedtime Stories

Books don’t have to cost anything. Parents can rent books at their local library. Garage sales and book sales are great places to find books. You can often find a whole armful of books for just a couple of dollars. They make excellent birthday and Christmas gifts. Grandparents love to get a list of books that children would like to own.

Final Thoughts About Bedtime Stories

If you are a parent and you read a bedtime story to your child on occasion, then make it a nightly routine. The rewards of this ritual are immense. The child will actually look forward to bedtime when they know you will be reading them a story. A bedtime story will take your child on an adventure through the story. It will build imagination and before you know it the child will be sound asleep. You will miss bedtime stories when your children have grown up and moved out.

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