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Men’s Bike: GMC Denali

GMC Denali Road Bike

I was in the market for a new bicycle since the old one from my college days was on its last legs. It had been a good bike – a great bike, as a matter of fact – but it was time to move on and step up my game a bit. I checked around with a couple of buddies who are also into cycling and found that several of them had purchased the GMC Denali. These are not diehard cyclists like Lance Armstrong, more like casual weekend enthusiasts like myself, so I took their recommendations fairly seriously.

I checked out some reviews online about the Denali and they mostly said the same thing, along the lines of ,€œGreat bike for the price,€, ,€œWell built and not too heavy,€ and ,€œSuper comfortable seat,€. I did note right away that at $169 (sale price) it was a real deal, especially if this bike is going to last me awhile. It was much less than I had spent on any previous bikes I purchased, including that old college bike I mentioned earlier.

One of the highlights of this bike is that it has 21 speeds, which is sure to prove to be helpful to any rider attempting to tackle a variety of slopes and terrains. The Denali is essentially a road bike, which is pretty much the same motif as a racing bike. Believe me, I have no intentions of racing this bike but it certainly is designed in such a way as to give me a good work out. I won’t be doing any off roading or mountain biking either on this cycle and it really is not intended for such things. This bike is strictly for flat surfaces, like the suburban areas (and occasional park) that I will be tackling.

The seat is super comfortable as are the handlebar grips. Another nice feature is that the GMC Denali comes complete with a water bottle and an alloy water bottle holder. The model I got is yellow with black accents and it positively does look sporty. The bike is lightweight, easy to maneuver and simple to brake. The high performance tires really do grip the pavement and make me feel safe and comfortable and I zip around town. The seat height was easy to adjust, as I noted the one and only time I let my girlfriend take the bike out for a spin.

All in all, I would say the GMC Denali is a great bike at a super price. Fits my needs in all possible ways and turned out to be a very wise purchase.

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