Fisher-Price Barnyard Bouncer

Fisher-Price Barnyard Bouncer
Make it a no work and all play day for your kids with the Fisher-Price Barnyard Bouncer. The Barnyard Bouncer is specially designed to give your children a hilarious time where they can bounce around the barnyard’s jumping area and shoot down the slide at the farm house. Some days are meant for learning, while other days can be dedicated to having all out fun – this can be done with the Fisher-Price Barnyard Bouncer.

The Barnyard Bouncer features:

  • Area for jumping fun
  • Inflatable bouncer
  • Side slide
  • Puncture resistant material
  • Mesh door keeps bouncing kids safely inside the jumping area
  • Ground stakes are available for additional stability
  • Carrying bag for easy clean-up
  • Electric blower sets up the bouncer in less than 1 minute
  • Repair kit in case of problems
  • Safety enclosure
  • Mesh walls and lightweight design
  • Can accommodate up to 3 people

The Barnyard Bouncer is ideal to set up outdoors or indoors during the summertime. Children can have a rocking good time bouncing and sliding around the barnyard all day long, without deflating the bouncer. The secret to the bouncer is the continuously flowing air that ensures parents that the bouncer will not just deflate any minute. Parents will also love the easy assembly of the bouncer since it already comes with an electric blower, which can set up the bouncer in less than 1 minute.

Children need not worry during gloomy days because the bouncer is big enough to fit in any living room, so kids can play inside – be it rain or shine. Mommies and daddies can also take time off from running after their kids with the Barnyard Bouncer since they can leave the kids inside the bouncer and relax a while since the bouncer comes with a safety mesh with Velcro sides that ensure the child’s safety while he or she is inside the bouncer. In a way, it does help with the babysitting since it can act like a bouncy crib of sorts.

Let your child play safely and securely with the Barnyard Bouncer, plus it is made out of durable and non-toxic materials that ensure parents that the bouncer will continue to provide children with the fun they seek for quite a long time. The best thing is that kids can also invite their friends to bounce along since the bouncer can accommodate up to 3 children at one time. With its easy storage, parents need not devote a lot of time tidying the bouncer since it can easily be stored away in its snazzy carrying case – ideal for those who want to take the bouncer when on vacation or something along those lines.

Give your child a full day of fun in the sun or inside with the Fisher-Price Barnyard Bouncer, and have a bouncing good time.

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