Riedell 10 Girls Ice Skates

Riedell 10 Girls Ice Skates

Riedell 10 Girls Ice Skates – Grandmother Review

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My daughter used to ice skate as a young girl. My daughter didn’t just ice skate for fun, but trained and competed all over several states. When she began to train our coach advised us to purchase Riedell ice skates as they offer the stability along with comfort that my daughter needed to do the competitions.
My daughter has her own daughter now and she has decided to start to ice skate. She has been taking classes and skating for fun, but she has been renting skates. My daughter wanted me to help her find Riedell 10 Girls Ice Skates for her daughter for Christmas.

The skating rink offers Riedell ice skates, but the ice rink is wanting several hundred dollars for the ice skates and I know we can find Riedell 10 Girls Ice Skates at a lower price. Riedell is the best skate for girls in skating as they support the ankles along with providing comfort.

Riedell 10 Girls Ice Skates Durability

The Riedell 10 Girls Ice Skates are durable. Your little girl will grow out of the skates before they ever wear out. The Riedell 10 Girls Ice Skates come with reinforced uppers. The reinforcement gives stability to the skater. This is great for little girls just learning how to spin and do their first jumps. The lining is man-made and quilted. This adds for comfort to the skater along with keeping the feet warm in a cold skating rink. The outsole has been made to withstand the elements of cold and ice.
The Riedell 10 Girls Ice Skates are white and you can always purchase boot covers for the skates. When my daughter was skating we always had boot covers to match the dress or outfit she was wearing. When the skates arrive, then you should have them sharpened at your ice rink as they aren’t very sharp when they arrive.

Riedell 10 Girls Ice Skates Final Thoughts

I started searching for the Riedell 10 Girls Ice Skates and found them at Amazon at an amazing price. I ordered the ice skates for my granddaughter and they arrived in three days. The skates look amazing and I was surprised with how much cushioning was added to the skates. I don’t remember the Riedell skates having this much cushion when I bought them for my daughter.
I met my daughter and granddaughter at the ice rink. My granddaughter tried the boots on and they were a perfect fit. We had the skates sharpened and off she went. She had an hour class. When her class was over she said her feet was warm, but a little sore. This is to be expected with new ice skates. It takes the boot to be worn several times so the boot will loosen up and break in correctly to the foot. Don’t be alarmed if your little girl says the boot hurts her feet. Encourage her to wear them a few times as they will loosen up.
The Riedell 10 Girls Ice Skates are excellent skates that have to be broken in. They are stiff when they arrive, but after wearing them a few times they will loosen up and fit excellent. The ice skates are excellent for beginners in ice skating and training. The toe pic allows for jumping. The edge on the blade is precise.
When purchasing the Riedell 10 Girls Ice Skates, then try Amazon. Your ice rink will have the skates, but they always want double or more for the same exact ice skates that you can get at Amazon. The ice skates arrive within a few days and come with a warranty. Amazon is the only place that I will buy my grandkids ice skates.

What Other Say About the Riedell 10 Girls Ice Skates

The Riedell 10 Girls Ice Skates have a 4.4 out of 5 stars rating at Amazon.com. Owners of these skates had this to say about them:

,€œhave purchased three pair of these ice skates for my daughter whose foot seems to grow overnight! My daughter is 4 years old (skates on average 8-10 hours a week) and is in our local Figure Skating Club who also competes. The Riedell 10 skate is perfect for her little (but growing) feet. They are nicely padded on the inside of the boot which make for pain-free..,€
,€œOrdered these last month for my 4 year old daughter’s “5th birthday.” She wears an 11.5 (wide feet) and these fit her perfect. They look great and have held up well for weekly lessons, 3 Christmas recitals, and a ice show in the city. So far so good.,€
,€œDaughter grew out of kiddie skates these were the first pair of girl skates. Teacher noticed immediate improvement. My daughter was much more. Omfortable and confident. Good ankle support.,€
,€œGreat starter skates!! delivered promptly.. My 10 year old daughter wants to skate everyday and loves having not to rent anymore.. The only thing is the Rink recommended sharpening them..,€

More Reviews for the Riedell 10 Girls Ice Skates

The Riedell 10 Girls Ice Skates currently have 12 reviews at Amazon.com. You can read them all by clicking on the link.

Where to Purchase the Riedell 10 Girls Ice Skates

We recommend purchasing the Riedell 10 Girls Ice Skates from Amazon.com. They will be delivered right to your door and may qualify for Free Shipping. We have found that Amazon has outstanding customer service that makes them our first choice when shopping online.

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