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Spooner Boards Freestyle

Spooner Boards Freestyle Grandparent Review

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Have you heard about the Spooner Boards Freestyle? I hadn’t heard about the Spooner Boards Freestyle until my grandson asked for it for his birthday. I didn’t have a clue what it was or did, but I had to find one so my grandson would have the present he wanted for his birthday.

What Are Spooner Boards Freestyle?

I had to do a search for the Spooner Boards Freestyle to know what I was looking for to purchase the gift for my grandson. I found out that the Spooner Boards Freestyle are safe and better than the average skateboard as there are no wheels, but it is designed to do twists, turns, spins and so much more.
The Spooner Boards Freestyle allows for activity indoors and outdoors without the fear that your child or in my case, my grandson would get hurt. Skateboards can be dangerous, but the Spooner Boards are safe.

Spooner Board Freestyle Assembly:

There is no assembly and this is great as I don’t have the patience to put anything together and if my grandson has to wait on his parents to put it together, then his next birthday will be here before the Spooner Board Freestyleis assembled. It comes ready to use when it is opened. Kids love the fact of playing with toys when they get it without waiting for an adult to assemble it.

Spooner Boards Freestyle Durability:

Spooner Boards FreestyleThe Spooner Board Freestyle is durable and indestructible. It has been made with some strong materials because kids of all sizes are doing spins, turns and tricks and the board comes out without and damage. My grandson told me he started using the Spooner Boards Freestyle in his physical education class. He said the board is so much fun and he wants to show his teacher how good he has gotten when he practices with his birthday board.

Spooner Boards Freestyle Are Kid Friendly:

The Spooner Boards Freestyle are kid friendly as kids starting at age three can use the board. The board can build balance, hand and feet coordination while offering hours of fun and entertainment. My grandson opened his birthday gift and played with the Spooner Board Freestyle for over an hour and didn’t want to stop then, but it was time for dinner. If you have grandkids or kids who sit indoors playing video games, then this is the perfect solution.
The Spooner Board Freestyle will get your kids or grandkids active and outdoors. It can be used on grass, gravel, sand and anywhere outdoors. The best thing is if the weather turns cold or bad outside theSpooner Boards Freestyle are safe to bring inside and let your kids play with it indoors. They won’t leave any marks on the floors or damage any carpet. It is safe for your floors while adding exercise and movement to kids.

What Others Have To Say About Spooner Boards Freestyle

On Amazon.com there are varying ratings for the Spooner Boards Freestyle. On the listing that has the majority of reviews they are rated at 4.3 of 5 stars. Here is a sampling of some of the comments:

,€œWe bought this for my 7 and 5 year old daughters for Christmas. I have to say that they both love it! They are trying tricks on their own and are coming up with tricks I’d never thought they’d do. I’m thinking of buying the heavy duty one for me!,€
,€œGrand son loved this. I was a hit giving for his 3rd birth. I won out- from his other grandma! I know there shouldn’t be a competion but it’s there. he sits on it. Spins around loves it!,€
,€œI purchased this as a birthday present for my nephew’s who turned 10. He absolutely loves it! He had already seen it somewhere and immediately started spinning on it and trying tricks. He kept coming over to thank me and tell me it was the best birthday present ever. I am very pleased with this gift.,€

More Reviews of the Spooner Boards Freestyle

It is always a good idea to read all the reviews and make up your own mind before buying the Spooner Boards Freestyle. Just click on the link to find all 28 reviews.

The Spooner Boards Freestyle Where to Purchase:

I purchased my Spooner Board Freestyle at amazon.com, although there are many toy stores that carry the board, I found the best price and delivery was from Amazon.com. I ordered the Spooner Board Freestyle on a Tuesday and by Thursday it had arrived at my home. I didn’t have to leave the house to search for The Spooner Board Freestyle. There was no big shipping cost and it arrived ahead of delivery schedule.

The Spooner Freestyle Board Final Thoughts:

If you are looking for an activity that is fun, safe and provides hours of enjoyment for kids or grandkids, then the Spooner Boards Freestyle are the answer. Kids can use their imagination along with improve balance and motor skills to turn, twist, wobble, slide and so much more with the Spooner Freestyle Board. It is affordable and indestructible. It can be used anywhere, indoors and outdoors.

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