Books for Children Ages 4 – 6 Years

Books for Children Ages 4 - 6 Years

Review of Books for Children Ages 4 – 6 Years

We have a house full of books for all ages. We are furious readers! In this review I would like to tell you about some of the books that are loved by our Grandchildren ages 4 to 6 years. This is only a sampling but we can highly recommend these books.
Tails Board Book by Matthew Van Fleet

Tails Board Book by Matthew Van Fleet

Tails is a beautiful book with outstanding illustrations. We started reading to the children before the age of four as the content is suitable for younger children but the format with sliding tabs is a bit hard for younger children to manage. As the tails are introduced there is an opportunity for a child to touch, smell, pull out tabs, open tabs and count. There were a few animals that were not known to us so we learned with the children.

Little Elephant's Clever Trick by Jillian Harker

– The illustrator John Bendall-Brunello has created delightful images that have been embossed on every page. Again we did read Little Elephant’s Clever Trick to our younger grandchildren but the underlying message of valuing yourself was better understood as they got older. The younger children love the feel of the embossed pages. We thought that it was such a beautiful book that we were careful to not let it have rough handling.

Richard Scarry's What Do People Do All Day?

Richard Scarry’s What Do People Do All Day? By Richard Scarry

– Originally published in the 1960’s we read this book to our children and then bought a new one for our grandchildren. I think I have read Richard Scarry’s What Do People Do All Day? a few thousand times and still enjoy it. As the stories are read it gives an opportunity to discuss the various jobs that are being presented. It provides a time to expose children to how things work. There a few places where it is a bit dated but this is also a time for learning and discussing. For example in the story Firemen to the Rescue Mommy is depicted ironing Daddy’s shirt; this gives a chance to talk about how it could have been Daddy iron Mommy’s dress. On almost every page you can find Lowly Worm and it is fun to try to find him. We have several other Richard Scarry’s books and they all present an opportunity for learning.

Green Eggs & Ham

Green Eggs & Ham By Dr. Seuss

– We own a whole library of Dr. Seuss’s books and they are all great. Green Eggs & Ham happens to be one that is requested often. I think that the alliteration captures the children. Again this is a book that we read and read to our children and now our Grandchildren. I am not one hundred percent certain that any of them got the message that you should try something before rejecting it; but the reading is fun.

The Complete Tales of Winnie-the-Pooh

The Complete Tales of Winnie-the-Pooh By A.A. Milne

Winnie-the-Pooh read to us as children continues to be a favorite. Everyone loves Winnie-the-Pooh and delight in his misadventures. First published in the 1920’s the bear stories have never gotten old. If you are looking for books that will delight the children in your life we strongly recommend these books.

Beatrix Potter The Complete Tales (Peter Rabbit)

Beatrix Potter The Complete Tales (Peter Rabbit)

– The Beatrix Potter stories date back to the turn of the century. They were read to us, we read them to our children, and now read them to our grandchildren. In this volume there are 23 stories presented in the order that they were originally written. Do you still hold your breath when Mr. McGregor was chasing Peter? It is amazing that the stories are more than a century old and still relevant. Every household should have a copy of this book.

A Treasury of Jillian Jiggs

A Treasury of Jillian Jiggs By Phoebe Gilman

– We have three granddaughters so some of the books we have are geared more to girls. Our grandsons did giggle and loved the rhyming verse when we read them the Jillian Jiggs stories but to be honest this is more directed to girls than boys. The book contains Jillian Jiggs, The Wonderful Pigs of Jillian Jiggs, Jillian Jiggs to the Rescue, Jillian Jiggs and the Secret Surprise, and Jillian Jiggs and the Great Big Snow. They can be read to younger children but the messages are appreciated more by the time the children are being asked to take some responsibility for their actions.

Munschworks: The First Munsch Collection

Munschworks: The First Munsch Collection By Robert N. Munsch

– We have owned this Munschworks: The First Munsch Collection for ten years and we are still reading the stories. Last year our seven-year-old granddaughter narrated the Paper Bag Princess in a play. As a result her then three-year-old twin sisters learned every word of it. We were amused when our son changed the story of I Have to Go to say that Andrew always said yes. I personally love the Fire Station tale – I think any child would love to ride a fire truck.

Fancy Nancy

Fancy Nancy By Jane O’Connor

– These books are very ,€œgirly,€ but if you have girls they can be fun. They are written in a style for early readers. For one of our four-year-old twin granddaughters who is into clothes in a very big way, Fancy Nancy is perfect. Robin Preiss Glasser is a beautiful illustrator who obviously relates to a little girl’s desire to be fancy. For girls these are delightful books.

Amelia Bedelia

Amelia Bedelia By Peggy Parish

– These Amelia Bedelia books still make me laugh. I read them to my children and now read them to my grandchildren. I think you have to be at least four to appreciate the misunderstandings that occur when Amelia takes everything so literally. These are great books for learning the various meanings of words.

Walter the Farting Dog

Walter the Farting Dog By William Kotzwinkle, and Glenn Murray

– I have to admit these Walter the Farting Dog books were hard for me to accept but the children love this dog with his flatulence problems. They laugh and laugh at Walter’s farts. It is a little crude but it truly is funny and a winner with children.

Little Dragon Makes Friends

Little Dragon Makes Friends By Steve Smallman

Little Dragon Makes Friends is a fun book about overcoming fears and making new friends. Little Dragon thinks the children are knights that are going to bash him and the children think that Little Dragon is a fierce dragon that is very scary. How is it possible that they can become friends? This book can be read to younger children and as they get older they will read it to themselves. The questions at the back are aimed at about age three.

We also read many stories about princesses, ballerinas, fairies, pirates, animals, and other fictional characters. We are regular visitors at the local library. We are firm believers that books and being read to at an early age is a joy for grandparents, parents, and children alike. We also feel this gives children a leg up when they go to school. All of our school age children are reading well above their grade levels. Reading is a great diversion from TV and other electronic devices. It creates a special time for children and adults. We encourage you to buy and read books for the children in your life.

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