How to Pick a Bike For Your Child

Disney Princess Girls' Bike (16-Inch Wheels)

Choosing the correct bicycle for your elementary school age child is a big decision indeed. For many parents it is the first big dollar purchase for their children, coming on the heels of lower priced toys such as action figures, tea party sets and dump trucks. While there certainly are many factors to consider when making such a purchase, it boils down to five highlights the prospective purchasers must ponder. The indicators we have listed here are all for 20 inch wheeled bikes.


This really is the first consideration, because it would be truly heartbreaking to settle on a bicycle that suited your needs only to discover that it is way beyond your price point. The price you pay for your child’s first big boy/big girl bicycle revolves around your personal budget and lifestyle. Generally these first bikes will cost between $80 to $150.
Schwinn Scorcher Boys' Bike (16-Inch Wheels)


Your child’s safety is of paramount concern to you every day and the bicycle you choose for them should be no exception to that. You can read reliable safety rating of bicycles at such places as or Both of these sites are simple to navigate and will give trustworthy assessments of any bicycle you are considering. Speaking of safety, make sure you pick up a helmet when you are out shopping for your child’s bike. Further, remind your child that no helmet means no bike riding.


Ideally, you should take the child with you when you select a bike so that you are choosing the correct size for the stature of your child. Make sure the child gets on the bike at the store and feels comfortable with the size. While you do want the bike to have bit of room for the child to grow into, you do not want a bike that is more than they can mange.
Diamondback Mini Della Cruz Girls' Cruiser (16-Inch Wheels)


Check to make sure that the bike is well made and will last a good long time. This is especially important if you are planning to pass the bicycle down to friends or family. Look for a solidly made bike made by a reputable manufacturer.

Kid Appeal

No matter how safe, durable and reasonably priced a bicycle is, your kid will not ride it if he or she does not like it. Then you will be stuck with a hunk of metal in your garage taking up space and growing old. Find a bike that has great colors, cool styling and total kid appeal.
Polaris Edge LX20 Kids 20-Inch Bike

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