Holiday Travelling With Children

Holiday Travelling With Children

We are just a few short weeks away from some major holiday travelling. The American Thanksgiving time sees the majority of families visiting their loved ones. It does not matter if the travel is by car, plane, train, or bus, it can be a stressful time especially for small children. These youngsters like to run and play and they don’t take kindly to being confined to seats for any length of time.
Planning ahead can help to mitigate some of these problems. Recognizing that everyone will be happier if the children are enjoying themselves is the first step to this plan. Get the children involved in making a list of some of their quiet time favorite activities and their favorite snacks.

Backpacks or Small Suitcases on Wheels

Backpack Assign a specific backpack or suitcase to each child. Let them help you load it with their special ,€œstuffie,€, ,€œblankie,€ or other soothing item. Add to this some toys suitable for the mode of transport you will be using. Small toys or Suitcasecrayons and paper that can be used on plane drop down trays are great choices.
Into these bags be sure to add food but remember the restrictions in airports. It maybe necessary to purchase something after you have checked through security. In either case add some containers and appropriate drinking cups.

New Books

Most children like storybooks and love to have someone read to them. Purchase some new books so the stories will be new to the children and the parent.
Coloring books, activity books and drawing books can keep children busy for some time. With these busy books add new crayons, markers, and pencils, plus a pencil sharpener. It helps if you pick new books on subjects that they like. For a budding ballerina a coloring book about ballet is perfect. For the little girl who dreams about being a princess a book based on one of the fairy tales will do the trick. Boys usually love action figures so coloring books that depict Spiderman or Batman or Super Heroes will be great.

Tablets and DVD Players

Top Ten Tablets for Kids Today most children, even quite young ones, are exposed to some form of a tablet. They love to copy the actions of the adults and seem to take naturally to these devices. For travelling they should be easy to hold in small hands, have an attached stylus, and fresh batteries.

Portable DVD players are great items to have when going on long trips in confined spaces. Again it aids if the DVDs are new to the child and in their interest group.

Puzzles and Games

BananagramsThere are a number of great games that come in small bags designed for taking along. Some of them are particularly useful to entertain older children.
Look for magnetic puzzles or storyboards. These will keep the pieces from constantly falling on the floor.


There are several types of cameras that are geared for use by children. Many of the tablets that they own have a camera function. Another choice is to purchase a few inexpensive disposable cameras.
The children can be encouraged to make a photo journal of their trip. They will be very proud to show off their pictures to everyone.

Changing Positions

When travelling with children one of the hardest things to cope with is confinement. If you are going by car plan on frequent stops and allow time for everyone to get out to run and stretch.
It is a bit harder on a plane but even changing seats helps to cut down on the boredom.
Finally be patient. Know that this is a difficult situation for them.

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