Diamondback Viper BMX

Diamondback Viper BMX Bike (20-Inch Wheels)

We recently bought a new BMX bike for our 9 year old son and I have to say that it is a really fine bicycle. He had been asking for a BMX style bike for nearly a year and we finally decided to cave in to his whining and make the purchase. Previously, he had been riding just a ,€˜little guy’ bike which he had honestly outgrown. Plus, all the other third graders in our neighborhood had moved on up to BMX bikes so I suppose it was time. Can’t keep them babies forever!

My husband was assigned the job of finding a great, reasonably priced and absolutely safe bike for Kyle. We didn’t want some cheap piece of junk, yet we also did not want to spend a fortune just in case Kyle lost interest after a month or two. I gave Larry (husband) a budget of right around $175, although I allotted him an extra $25 to get a helmet for Kyle, too. Since I have newborn twin girls at home there was no way I could help Larry get this bike, so I trusted him to do a great job.
Pryme 8 BMX Bicycle / Skateboard Helmet

Larry ended up getting Kyle the Diamondback Viper BMX bike and it turned out to be a great bike for our son. The name frightened me a bit at first (don’t they make a sports car called the ,€œViper,€?), but then again I really do trust Larry’s judgment. This bike has 20 inch BMX style wheels plus a steel frame and fork. Larry told me that the salesman informed that the bike also has a warranty which includes the frame (lifetime warranty), 5 years on the fork, and also 1 year on all of the components of the bike. Hopefully we will never need to take advantage of any piece of the warranty and the bike certainly appears to be super durable.

Kyle just loves the bike and could not wait to hit the streets with his pals. Helmet on, he took off down the street and never even looked back at Mom and Dad! We had warned him that he must wear a helmet every single time he climbs on the bike, so we hope he doesn’t tear it off his head as soon as we are out of sight. Thankfully, all the other parents in our area are also on the same ,€œsafety page,€ so all the kids are expected to wear helmets all of the time. It has been about a month since we got Kyle his new BMX bike and he has enjoyed it immensely.

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