Top 10 Board Games

Top 10 Board Games
Do you feel like you just don’t have enough family time? With after school activities, video games, and television, many of us feel like it’s a struggle to get everyone sat down to do a family activity. One of the ways we have done this in our own household is having a once a week family game night. Every Thursday night,we sit down as a family and play board games. While we thought it would be a struggle at first, we found that our kids loved family game night, especially if it involved some of their favorite board games! Having heard that many of our friends and readers have considered having their own game night, we included our own family’s favorite board games list. You may even find some familiar names on our top 10 board games list!

Top 10 Board Games: Qwirkle

Qwirkle is a fun, entertaining game that easily became a family favorite in my own home. This strategy game consists of matching colors and shapes by building lines of the same color and shape. The catch is that duplicate tiles don’t count, making things more challenging for adults. Since this game takes a bit of strategy, a typical game lasts for about 45 minutes. While this game may need to be simplified in rules for little ones, it can easily become a game that engages everyone at the table. For this reason, Qwirkle is one of our favorite games on the top 10 board games list.

Top 10 Board Games: UNO

More than likely, you have already played this classic on our top 10 board games list. The first person or team to reach 500 points in UNO wins.,  To win, you need to be the person to play every card in your hand by matching the colors and numbers to the top card in the pile. Since this game is very compact, it can be played anywhere, making it perfect for a quick game in the house or while you are waiting for food at a restaurant. Since it can have up to 10 players, it is perfect for large families or as a fun party game. Best of all, children of all ages are able to play this UNO game as long as they know their colors and numbers!

Top 10 Board Games: Monopoly

MonopolyMake your dream of being rich a reality with Monopoly, a classic board game where you buy up property and try to get rich. The fun and ruthless game is a great way to teach children about capitalism, the value of money, and the importance of tracking money.,  While the original game may be more for older children, Monopoly Junior teaches the same skills on a more basic level, making it perfect for children of all ages! Our only recommendation is to make sure you have plenty of time to play since this Monopoly game can easily last hours!

Top 10 Board Games: Spot It

Spot It
Spot It has quickly became a favorite game in my house, especially with my younger children.,  Unlike some of the other games on the top 10 board games list, this game is more designed for younger children. While older children can enjoy it as well, it is more designed for children who are learning about matching and being perceptive. Each of the cards has a variety of symbols, with each have a symbol that matches another card in the set. The first person who ‘spots’ the card ones. As well, there are other mini games in this set, making it the perfect party game as well! With Spot It also coming in different themes, you can match it with your own family’s likes to make it even more entertaining!

Top 10 Board Games: Blokus

If you are trying to work on spatial skills with your children, you will likely love this classic game on our top 10 board games list. Blokus is a strategy board game that focuses on spatial skills, with bright colored blocks and simple rules that make it perfect for children of all ages. Unlike other games, Blokus promotes healthy brain activity by making all the players think through the board, placing pieces that cannot lie adjacent to other players pieces. To win, you have to get rid of all of your tiles before your opponent, making this a challenging game for even adults. Unlike other games, there is even a solitary version, allowing children to play on their own to build upon their critical thinking skills.

Top 10 Board Games: Diggity Dog

Diggity Dog
More than likely, you haven’t heard of this adorable game on our top 10 board games list. My daughters love Diggity Dog and it is one of the most requests games to play on game night. In this matching game, kids help puppies find bones that match their color. To see how many spaces they are allowed to move, an electronic dog barks the number of spaces they are allowed to move. If the bone matches the color of the dog on that space, kids are allowed to pick up the bone with the dogs magnetic nose and move it to the dog’s dog house. The first who gets 3 matching bones wins! While Diggity Dog is a simple game, it is perfect for younger children!

Top 10 Board Games: Bananagrams

This is one of those games that we love to play if we go out to eat or are traveling. Bananagrams is a fun anagram game where you race to see who can build the most word grid faster their opponents using their own tiles. This game is even included in the top 10 board games for travel. Since this Bananagrams game involves spelling and thinking skills, it is perfect for older kids who already know how to spell and have a fairly decent vocabulary.

Top 10 Board Games: Scrabble

If there is any game that is a classic in our family, it’s Scrabble. If I had to pick my favorite game of all time to put on our top 10 board games list, it would this game. For those who have never played Scrabble, you are given seven random tiles and then try building words on them, based on letters already on the board. This fun and challenging games is challenging based on those playing, making it the perfect game for any family. We keep a dictionary at hand too to help the children learn new words. While my youngest daughter needs adult help, Scrabble is still an enjoyable game that everyone looks forward to playing!

Top 10 Board Games: Quiddler

Out of all the games in my family, this is probably one of the most challenging and rewarding games in our top 10 board games list. Quiddler is a fast pace game where you make three letter words out of your hand. The first person who can make a three letter word win that round. Since it is a fairly simple game, my oldest can play it with adults, helping her feel like a big girl! Since it can also be a fun party game for up to 8 players, however, it is also an amazing game for parties, making Quiddler an ideal game for any family!

Top 10 Board Games: Ticket to Ride

Ticket To Ride
Do you have someone in your family who loves trains? For my kids, trains have always been fascination since they see them when they see grandma and grandpa. We actually first played Ticket to Ride at their house. In this game, players try to visit the most places in the US by making the longest railroad. The goal is to make the longest and see who can visit the most cities in North America.,  While this game can be a bit challenging for younger children, Ticket to Ride is a very fun game to play as a family, making it one of our family’s top 10 board games.

10 Board Games: Where to Purchase

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