Sleep For Back To School Days

Steps for Getting your Kiddo’s Sleep Back on Track for the First Day of School

Post By: Jill Parker, Sweet Dreams
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If you are like my family, you have enjoyed every minute of the fabulous weather we have had this summer! If you are like us, while enjoying the weather and family time, you have watched the usual bedtime get pushed back slightly as the summer wore on. This means that, like us, you will have a little work to do over the next week or so to get your kids’ sleep routine back on track. Because, like us, you want your little monkeys to be well-rested and able to begin the school year ready to learn and remember. You also want them best able to handle all the extra emotions that come up seeing friends again, anticipating who the new teacher is going to be and then adjusting to new routines, responsibilities and expectations.

I want my little guys to be I know that to be at their absolute best at 6 and 8 years of age, they are each going to need between 10-12 hours of sleep per night! (NOTE: Adolescents will need up to 9 hours of sleep each night to be at their best!).

Here are some steps to follow to help get your children’s sleep routine back on track in time for THE BIG DAY:

  1. Have a little family meeting to remind your children about the importance of sleep. Once children start to understand all the benefits of being well-rested and if you model the behaviours you are expecting, it will be much easier to establish healthy sleep habits in your home! See the link below for some interactive and fun way for your family to learn about the importance of sleep. Sleep For Kids
  2. Next, evaluate how far off your summer bedtime is from our school-year bedtime. Start to move bedtime back by 15-minutes every three nights until you have reached the desired bedtime. You can increase the increments if needed to ensure you have reached your desired bedtime before the night before school starts.
  3. Start to re-establish a bedtime routine that the whole family can look forward to. A bedtime routine is an essential part to good sleep hygiene since it helps cue your children for sleep and help them wind down from the day’s activities so that they are ready to begin their journey to sleep once they are tucked into their beds. A great bedtime routine will last about 30-minutes, will be relaxing and enjoyable for the whole family. A good bedtime routine would look something like this: bath, jammies, teeth, stories (limit two) OR quiet play, cuddles (perhaps sharing the details of your day), lights out.
  4. Eliminating the use of electronic devices for a minimum of one hour before bedtime will help your little one’s body be ready to fall asleep easily. The light from such gadgets can signal our bodies to stay awake, making it harder for us to fall asleep quickly and easily. (The same is true for ADULTS but is especially important for ADOLESCENTS who already have a harder time falling asleep because of the changes in chemicals in their bodies!)

I encourage you all to get started NOW putting the above steps in place so that your family will be well-rested and happier about starting the new school year and settling into your new Fall routine!

P.S. If you are having to drag your kiddo out of bed each morning, he isn’t getting enough sleep!! Support him in establishing an earlier so that when he climbs out of bed in the morning, he is happy and ready to take on the world!!
Sweet Dreams!

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