Top 10 Best Bikes for Kids

Top 10 Best Bikes for Kids

Top 10 Best Bikes for Kids
Are you looking for the best bikes for kids? With all the video game systems and fun toys, kids still love spending time outdoors playing, especially with their friends. For many kids, nothing is more fun than riding their bike. To children, a bike is the first form of freedom they have, allowing them to ride around the neighborhood with friends and getting exercise they may normally not get playing indoors. While bikes are a lot of fun, finding the right bike can sometimes be frustrating, especially if you are on a budget. Knowing how difficult it was for us when we first started buying bikes for our children, we decided to include some of our favorite bikes – most of which we have tried from personal experience or helped purchase for some of our friend’s children.

Best Bikes for Kids: Mongoose Lark Girls Bike

Mongoose Lark Girls Bike Out of all the bikes we have purchased recently, I have to say that the Mongoose Lark Girls Bike has been one of my favorites. In fact, on this best bikes for kids list, I think it’s the best for little girls. My youngest daughter wanted a bike that was perfect for a ‘big girl’, but I still wanted something with training wheels. What I loved the most about the Mongoose Lark Girls Bike, was that it was a very safe, beautiful bike that also looked quite beautiful. Since my daughter is also a bit tall for her age, we were able to get the perfect bike that also easily fit in our budget.

Best Bikes for Kids: Diamond Girls Mini Della Cruz Cruiser Bike

Diamond Girls' Mini Della Cruz Cruiser Bike
Out of all the bikes on the list, I have to say the second best kids bike for girls would have to be the Diamond Girls Mini Della Cruz Cruiser Bike. While this bike is a bit more expensive than what we paid for my daughters bike, it is a high quality, beautiful bike. I helped one of my good friends pick this bike out for her twins, which have been riding for quite some time. This Diamond Girls Mini Della Cruz Cruiser Bike is also quite comfortable, making it the perfect starter bike for little girls. Of course, like most of the bikes on this list. it comes with its own removable training wheels.

Best Bikes for Kids: Schwinn Boys Scorch Bike

Schwinn Boy's Scorch Bicycle
Being someone that reviews quite a few toys, I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to try the Schwinn Boys Scorch Bike in Red. My youngest daughter has two little friends down the road, a pair of twin boys. Last year for their birthday, I helped their parents pick out this adorable Schwinn Boys Scorch Bike. This heavy duty bike has a unique, freestyle frame and coaster breaks, making it a great starter bike for little boys. A year later, the boys have the training wheels off the bike and they are still going strong, something that is important when dealing with roughhousing boys!

Best Bikes for Kids: Schwinn Boys 12 Inch Grit Bike

Schwinn Boys 12 Inch Grit Bike
Looking for a unique, hands on bike to help your little one better learn how to ride a bike? One of the most unique, fun bikes I have seen in a long time is the Schwinn Boys Grit Bike. Unlike other starter bikes that come with just training wheels, this kids bike has a parent push handle, allowing you to better steer and control your child while they are learning. Once the child has learned to completely ride, the push handle and training wheels can be removed, giving a child more independence as they grow.

Best Bikes for Kids:, Huffy Girl’s Disney Princess Bike

Huffy Girl's Disney Princess Bike
Does your little girl dream of being a princess? I know mine did for a very long time (okay, my youngest still wants to be Belle when she grows up). If your daughters are anything like mine, I know they will fall in love with the Huffy Girl’s Disney Princess Bike. This pink bike really is the idea girls bike, featuring heart shaped petals, extra wide training wheels, and of course, princess everything. It even has an adorable removable carriage on the front , holding dolls. Really, this bike is a little girls dream come true. Just add a princess themed helmet and your daughter is ready to go on her own adventure looking for her prince charming with her princess doll friends!

Best Bikes for Kids: ERTL John Deere Heavy Duty Bike

ERTL John Deere Heavy Duty Bike
Have a little boy in your family that loves everything John Deere? We have one of them in our own family. Everything in his room is John Deere, and in all honesty, I wouldn’t be surprised if he really does become a farmer so that he can have his John Deer tractor. When my sister saw the ERTL John Deere Heavy Duty Bike, she knew this was the perfect bike for him. This study, well made bike is an officially licensed John Deer product and is capable of holding a boy or girl up to 100 pounds. Like most higher end kids bikes, it has coaster brakes, front handle breaks, training wheels, and a heavy duty steel frame, making it the perfect choice for little riders.

Best Bikes for Kids: Huffy Iron Man 3 Bike

Huffy Iron Man 3 Bike
Do you have a little boy in your family who loves Iron Man? Out of all the bikes I have seen recently, this has to perfect for little boys who dream of being superheroes. The Huffy Iron Man 3 Bike not only is a well built bike, but has built in electronic lights and sounds in the handlebar, allowing children to feel like they are on their own adventure. With this bikes fun design, rear coaster breaks, and padded handlebars, any little boy will love finding this bike on his birthday or under the Christmas tree.

Best Bikes for Kids: Jeep Boy’s Bike

Jeep Boy's Bike
Another very cute bike for older boys is the Jeep Boy’s Bike. While this bike doesn’t belong to my children, they did enjoy riding it at grandma’s. When my husband saw the bike, he was very impressed with this well made bike. This Jeep themed bike has a steel frame, suspension fork and front handle breaks, making it a perfect midrange bike for little boys. While it comes to training wheels, they can also be easily removed, allowing most boys under the age of eight to enjoy this adorable bike. For safety reasons, I also loved that this bike had padded handle bars, making it perfect for younger riders who are known for horsing around on their bike.

Best Bikes for Kids: Dynacraft Magna Gravel Blaster Boy’s Bike

Dynacraft Magna Gravel Blaster Boy's Bike
Looking for that perfect first bike for your favorite little boy? The Dynacraft Magna Gravel Blaster Bike is the perfect for most boys, having a fun design, coaster breaks, and detachable training wheels. This is the sort of bike that any little boy would be happy to show off, especially with its fun paint job. My little nephew owns this bike, and it has been his pride and joy since the beginning of the summer. Along with being a fun, well built bike, it is also very easy to assemble, making it the perfect choice for busy parents!

Best Bikes for Kids: Razor Girl’s Angel Bike

Razor Girl's Angel Bike
I will honestly admit, I fell in love with the Razor Girl’s Angel Bike when I first saw it. It almost didn’t make our best bikes for kids list, since I just recently saw it at a friend’s house. This bike is the perfect mixture of girly without being over the top, making it perfect for tomboys. It is also difficult to find a quality 20″ bike, especially for little girls who are more on the tall side.,  For safety, I loved that this white, sparkly bike had coaster brakes and handle breaks, giving little girls even more control during their bike ride. Really, if you are wanting a bike that may last a girl through her teenage years, I think you will be very happy with this beautiful angel bike.

Best Bikes for Kids:,  Where to Purchase

Looking to purchase one of the bikes on our best bikes for kids list? I personally recommend Not only do they have a large selection of bikes, but have them even cheaper than the big box retailers, allowing you to get the best deal on your brand new bike. Best of all, they even ship the bike to you for free, allowing you to ship back and relax. If you want to make sure you get your brand new bike in time for the holidays and at a great price, I highly recommend purchasing your brand new kids bike at!

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