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Schwinn Throttle Boy's BMX Bike
Looking for a great BMX bike for your boy? It truly does not get any better than the Schwinn Throttle model. Featuring super durable 20 inch wheels and sleek styling, this bike is certain to make your little one light up. For a birthday present, holiday present or just to say ,€œI love you, son,€, this bike will be a well received gift by any boy.

The Schwinn Bicycle Company has been around since the late 1800s and their name never fails to be synonymous with fine craftsmanship at a very reasonable price. Even though the brand has been around for generations, their engineers have consistently matured their cycles through the years and met their market’s expectations. And the Schwinn Throttle does not fail to live up to the brand name and really comes through in all departments.

For those not savvy, BMX is short for Bicycle Motocross. It is a sport that has been around since the 1970s, when it really came into its own in California. BMX biking involves off road or dirt track biking, in the same vein as traditional motorized motocross biking. BMX bikes are crafted a bit differently than your standard street leisure bicycle, in that they are smaller with a lightweight frame and knobby tires. The bikes are designed for speed, precision and agility. The Schwinn Throttle definitely hits the mark in all these areas.

The Schwinn Throttle is just the right size for a aspiring BMX superstar. The handlebar is padded for safety and the grips are super comfortable. Front and rear caliper brakes make stopping a breeze, which will make parents feel comfortable that their kid will not be too out of control when out on the track with other riders close by. The fan spoke wheels look hot and are sure to impress those watching the BMXer in action. The padded seat is thoroughly comfortable and also features cool styling.

Of course, a helmet and full padding are always suggested for anyone doing some BMX biking. Those items can be bought separately for a total cost of about fifty bucks. Even if your little guy is just working the local suburban cul-de-sac and not out on the big boy track, full protection is definitely recommended. For the bike itself you should expect to pay around $120, which is a great price for a bike sporting the Schwinn name and made with such outstanding craftsmanship.

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