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Kettler Sprint Balance Bike

It is every grandfather’s dream to run along alongside their grandson, holding on to the back of a shiny new bicycle cheering on his little cycling champ. I am no exception to this dream and could not wait to buy my grandbaby a bicycle. Since it had a been a year or two (make that a decade or two) since I had purchased any sort of bike, upfront research seemed to be the way to go. It was then that I happened upon the Kettler Sprint Balance bike and it seemed like a perfect fit for my four year old grandson, Tyler.

The bike retails for about $130, although you can catch some bargains if you search some of the larger online retailers. With careful research, you can even score free shipping which is a huge bonus! The one I got Tyler was closer to $100 and it certainly was money well spent.
Kettler Sprint Balance Bike

Now, I had no idea what a balance bike was, but after reading about it the bicycle sounded just perfect for Tyler. A balance bike is a small, tyke sized training bicycle that helps the young child focus on balance. In fact, these bicycles do not even have wheels! Instead, the concentration is on the balance and the pedaling will come later. I remember from training my own kids many years ago that getting the balance part down was the tough piece and it is especially difficult when trying to get them to pedal at the same time. I remember time after time hollering, ,€œPedal! Keep pedaling!,€.

We found the Kettler Sprint Balance bike to be very well built and Tyler will likely be able to pass it down to a younger brother or sister in years to come. The handlebars have eight different positions so we were able to get it adjusted to the point that it was very comfortable for him. Of course, you need to assemble the bike if you get it via mail order. Sometimes that part can be a huge pain, but it this case we found it to be rather simple.

The one we got was a colorful red, blue and yellow model. It is just gender neutral enough that it can be used by a boy or a girl. Tyler could not wait to jump aboard and try his ,€œbig boy,€ bike. In fact, this balance bike looks just like a regular bicycle which right away boosted not only his enthusiasm but also his confidence. Literally, within days he was working the bike like an old pro!

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