Airzone 38-Inch Mini Band Trampoline

Airzone 38-Inch Mini Band Trampoline
Hop on to a healthy habit with Airzone 38-inch Mini Band Trampoline. This exercise gadget suits all members of the family, from kids to adults, providing a safe and fun means to get into shape!

Airzone 38-inch Mini Band Trampoline features:

  • Powder coating for durability and resistance to rust
  • Height: 9 inches
  • Sturdy polypropylene surface for a low-impact workout
  • Strong elasticized webbing bands instead of metal springs
  • Large rubber feet add stability
  • Follows ASTM safety standards

Hitting the trampoline is one of the simplest forms of exercise. But with lack of space in one’s home, it would be hard for some to buy a trampoline. The Airzone 38-inch Mini Band Trampoline can get everyone in the house hopping to a healthy tune. The sturdy polypropylene surface offers a low-impact workout everyday for both adults and kids. It won’t take up a large area in your home as well.

The powder coating of the legs provides enough durability, making the Airzone 38-inch Mini Band Trampoline rust-proof. You can jump around and work up a sweat. What’s more interesting is that it gets rid of the problematic cellulite in the thighs, arms, hips and stomach. Not everyone is aware that all that bouncing off a trampoline can work like a massage and shake the fat away from these problem areas. If you use it on a daily basis, chances are, in a few months, you’ll feel lighter and more toned.

The Airzone 38-inch Mini Band Trampoline uses strong high-tension elasticized bands unlike other trampolines that use springs and cause harm. This type of webbing follows strict ASTM standards ensuring safety at all times. You won’t experience springs recoiling or popping out, which means there are no sharp ends to puncture the skin.

Aside from the durable poly surface, the Airzone 38-inch Mini Band Trampoline also has large rubber feet and steel frame for added stability. You can be assured of a sturdy apparatus despite all that pressure from the bouncing movement. The nine-inch height assures kids that they can also have their own fair share of a fun workout.

With this trampoline in your home, you can exercise everyday for at least 20 minutes and expect good results in return. If you’re up for the challenge, use it for as long as 40 minutes for a more intensive workout. Add more versatility by carrying dumbbells while bouncing up and down. Doesn’t it sound like a better alternative than having to head to the gym? For avid runners or joggers, hop on the Airzone Mini Band Trampoline when it’s raining and you can’t leave the house.

Exercise need not be a back-breaking feat that requires a great deal of effort. Purchase the Airzone 38-inch Mini Band Trampoline and look forward to a more delightful workout.

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